Happy Birthday Poems 2

Happy Birthday Poems For Cards

Best happy birthday poems for cards

Funny Happy Birthday Poems

Another candle on your cake?
Well that’s no cause to pout –
Be glad that you have strength enough
to blow the damn thing out!

It’s birthday time again I see
another year’s gone by –
We’re older than we used to be
the thought could make me cry.

For getting older is not such fun
when there’s hurting in your back –
And it’s agony if you have to run
and a pleasure to lie in the sack.

Yes getting older, is quite a bore
but to not get old is worse –
So ‘Happy Birthday’ let’s shout once more
and to heck with our ride in the hearse!

A greeting on your Birthday
for a very happy day indeed –
And then a year that brings the
best, of everything you need.

Happy Birthday

You are very special
each and every day –
I’m wishing for the nicest things
that life can bring your way.

Happy Birthday

Because you are so wonderful
there are wishes sent your way –
For everything you’re hoping for
on your special day.

Treat yourself to all you enjoy
and all the things you love –
I hope that you get everything
that you’ve been dreaming of.

Warm loving wishes
and a life that is blessed –
May each day and year
be always the best.

Happy Birthday

From morning till night
may your birthday be bright
and nicer than ever before –
And as years come and go
may your happiness grow and
your dreams be fulfilled even more.

Because you’re very special
hope your Birthday holds in store –
Happy hours that overflow
with all you’re wishing for.

And hope the days that follow it
make up a year that brings –
Everything that you deserve
a million happy things.

Happy Birthday

May everything happy
and everything bright –
Be yours on your birthday
from morning till night.

And then through the year
may the same thing hold true –
So that each day is filled
with life’s best things for you!

Happy Birthday

May lovely surprises
come your way –
To make your
Birthday a
wonderful day.

Happy Birthday

This special Birthday greeting
Is being sent your way –
With many happy wishes
For a truly perfect day.

Happy Birthday

Wishing you the
Happiest Birthday yet –
A Birthday too special
to ever forget.

Happy Birthday

These Birthday greetings wished
are being sent your way –
For someone extra nice
who deserves a special day.

I wish you every happiness
may all your dreams come true –
With all of your favorite thing
on a day, that’s just for you.

I hope you feel deep in your heart
as birthdays come and go –
how very much you mean to me
much more than you would know.

Because today’s your birthday
and because you’re extra nice
One wish is not enough for you
and so here’s wishing twice.

Hoping your Birthday’s wonderful
in every single way and –
a year that brings you happiness
each and every day.

Extra special wishes
for an extra special day
May you have much happiness
in every single way.

Happy Birthday

Here’s a wish for happiness
may all your dreams come true –
Not only on your birthday
but always, all life through.

Happy Birthday

I’m wishing you another year
of laughter, joy and fun –
Surprises, love and happiness
and when your birthday’s done.

I hope you feel deep in your heart
as your birthdays come and go –
How very much you mean to me
more than you can ever know.

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