Birthday Poems 11

Birthday Poems For Cards

Funny Happy Birthday Poems For Cards

Funny Happy Birthday Poems

Happy birthday to you
now who would have thought?
Inside the box
guess what I brought!

I’m sure you’ll like it
but maybe not yet –
Something we all need
and eventually get.

I picked it myself
the decision you see –
Once you know
I’m sure you’ll agree!

I know you will need them
on your adventures –
Inside the box
a new set of dentures!

Happy Birthday

Just because you are old
do not despair, oh no –
Overnight you won’t discover
you’ve lost your get up and go.

Nor will you, become all wrinkled
nor ache, from head to toe –
So even though you’re ripening
don’t regard it as a blow.

You won’t suddenly look decrepit –
Cos that happened long  ago!

Sharp is your memory
sweet is your name –
Deep in my heart
you will forever remain.

The earth needs water
the flowers need dew –
I want nothing
but I need you.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To Me!

I’ve been BANNED
from having BIRTHDAYS
a new rule has been made –
Signed, sealed and delivered
by the local fire brigade!

They say that all those candles
would create such a blaze –
They’d have to come and put it out
and stay around for days!

So I guess I’ll have to party
without the birthday cake –
Perhaps I’ll light one candle
just for old time’s sake.

Those firemen! so fit and strong
such handsome looking men –
Whose birthday is it, anyway?
let’s light them all again!

Congratulations to
you, my old friend –
Birthday wishes to
you, I send.

You look good for
your age, one could say –
But you’d look good
to me, any old day.

When I look in the
mirror, to myself I sigh –
Because I know that
mirror doesn’t lie.

Guess you’re aging
just like me –
You’re getting to be
an old guy like me.

Happy Birthday Poems

Old is in the eye of the beholder –
Hey, you’re holding the card.

Happy Birthday Poems

You’re always very special
and you should know today –
That you are wished the nicest things
that life can bring your way.

Like warm and loving wishes
and happiness and cheer –
And everything you need to start
another happy year.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my love!
the sea around my heart –
Part shelter in rough seas
part mirror of my art.

You are the calm that drains my rage
you are bliss upon my shores –
My gentle waves of happiness
rush that life restores.

Happy Birthday Poems

A greeting on your birthday
for a very happy day –
And then a year
that brings the best
of everything your way.

Enjoy your special day!
Happy Birthday

This brings a wish for all the best
a day and year can bring –
For someone who should always have
the best of everything!

Happy Birthday

Hope lovely surprises
are coming your way –
To make your Birthday
a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday

I’d like to tell you
you’ve not aged a bit –
I’d like to tell you
that you look trim and fit.

It would be a slight exaggeration
as we all know what time can do –
Still I’d say, that all those years
really look good on you.

Happy Birthday

Fly in the plane of ambition –
– land on the airport of success –
and wake up in your happiest, dream.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday
my true love –
Your beauty stems
from up above.

Sweetest smile
and kindest heart –
Like a priceless piece
of precious art.

Happy Birthday

Hope all that you do
turns out happy for you
and all that you wish
comes your way –
So each hour will bring
every wonderful thing
you could ask of a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday

Here’s a wish for happiness
and many dreams come true –
Not only on your Special Day
but always all life through.

Happy Birthday

Your Birthday is the perfect
time to wish you nothing less –
Than favorite memories
plans and dreams
that bring you happiness.

For Birthdays are a link between
the future and the past –
Reminding us to treasure most
those special joys that last.

Happy Birthday

Extra special wishes
for an extra special day –
May you have much
happiness in every
single way.

Happy Birthday

Here’s a Birthday greeting
especially to show –
How much you mean
though you surely must know.

That without a doubt
there’s no one nicer than you –
Or anyone that is dearer
to wish a Happy Birthday to.

Happy Birthday

Because you’re very special
I hope your Birthday holds in store –
Happy hours that overflow
with all you’re wishing for.

And hope the days that follow it
make up a year that brings –
Everything that you deserve
a million happy things.

Instead of counting candles
or adding years past –
Start to count your blessings
as birthdays come by fast.

Think of those special people
of whom you love and care –
And all those you treasure
just knowing they are there.

Gather all your memories
that passing years hold –
Keep them close to your heart
and treasure them like gold.

Another year’s a God given gift
so respectively we say –
Instead of counting birthdays
count your blessings every day!

Happy Birthday Poems

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