Baby Tears | Loss Of Baby Child Poems

Baby Tears
(Loss Of Baby Child Poems)

We cried tears when we learned
that a child would be ..
That your GOD had allowed
you to quicken in me.

We cried tears with our loved ones
as they shared our joy ..
And we thought about names
for a girl or a boy.

I cried tears as I thought of
the things that we would do ..
All the things that your Daddy
would pass on to you.

And I cried as I thought
of each inch you had grown ..
As I pondered on the day
you’d make yourself known.

Then, to think of the world
you must enter, brought fears ..
Once again, little loved one
your Mother cried tears.

Somethings wrong, I can tell
once again, there are tears ..
And I’ll not now get the chance
of your love, throughout the years.

Oh the ache and sorrow
and all of the pain and again ..
yes again, my tears
fell like rain.

Then His peace comes to me
as I think of you there ..
Gently rocking with FATHER
in His favorite chair.

Your sweet little fingers
clenched tight in His palm
and His SON softly singing
to help keep you calm.

Our FATHER knew you days before
they came to be ..
And He knew, little one
you would not stay with me.

So, I cry but I know that
when this life is done ..
I will greet and embrace
you my little sweet one.

There’s a time to be born
and a time to die ..
And the joy and the sorrow
both make us cry!