Angels Are Weeping – By Mary Carter Mizrany

Angels are Weeping
(In Loving Memory Poems)

I hear the angels weeping.
I see their heads bow’d low.
Their wings surround
Those brok’n-heart’d,
So wound’d by this FOE!

I see the angels huddl’d
Near a mother, in such pain,
Because the child
She searches for
May ne’er be found again.

I hear the brush of angel’s wings,
So near they are to you.
GOD sent them there
To minister for these
Trials you’re going through.

I hear the angels saying,
“Brave ONES, don’t let hope die.
GOD will ne’er leave
Nor forsake you.
On this YOU CAN Rely!”

Copyright © 2002
By Mary Carter Mizrany

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