Angel of Mine | Loss Of Baby Child Poems

Angel of Mine
(Loss Of Baby Child Poems)

Behold, my angel baby
so gentle as can be ..
I’d give the stars in Heaven
to have her here with me.

To hear her child-like laughter
and feel her sweet caress ..
For although she is in Heaven
I do not love her less.

I love her just as strongly
as when first blessed unto me ..
When I held and kissed her fondly
as she lay upon my knee.

Her time on Earth was short
it made me wonder why ..
Darkened my waking moments
and often made me cry.

I’ve learned to realize that God
always takes the best ..
He brought her to His garden
because she needed rest.

One day we’ll meet in Heaven
that’s how it’s meant to be ..
There I’ll rock her gently
as she rest upon my knee.

But for now my angel baby
I’ll have to be content ..
To adore you whilst in Heaven
in this my sweet lament.

– Louise’s Lodge