A New Day Is coming – Inspirational Poems

A New Day Is coming

(Inspirational Poems)

When the sun announces the dawning day

Just flex your muscles and start on your way.

Go over, or under, around, or through

Any obstacles or hurdles that challenge you.

There’s a new day coming.

Cast aside the failures of yesterday.

Forget the peaks and valleys that have paved your way.

Wipe the sweat from your brow and the dust from your shoe.

Take a breath and relax so that you may begin anew.

There’s a new day coming.

Forget the burdens and obstacles that have held you back.

Focus on your dreams and prepare a plan of attack.

There are battles awaiting to challenge your success.

Daring you to stand tall and to give it your best.

There’s a new day coming.

No matter how great the journey, or how heavy the load

How steep the mountain, or how rough the road.

When your arms grow weary and legs give way

Stop and rest for a moment, it will be okay.

There’s a new day coming.

As shadows spring forth from the setting sun.

Take a moment and savor the battles you’ve won.

Sleep peacefully tonight and enjoy your rest.

Awaken tomorrow and continue your quest.

There’s always, a new day coming.