Mother Poems | A Mother To Me

A Mother To Me
(Mother Poems)

I can’t imagine being here
without you next to me ..
You’ve made me who I am today
I don’t know what I’d be.

It’s hard to think of
where I’d start
To say how much you mean ..
you’ve showed me life
you’ve made me grow
a shoulder where I lean.

I know I’m not an easy one
but we still made it through ..
Cause when it comes to raising me
there’s nothing you won’t do.

Everything you’ve done in life
I just want you to know ..
I’ve never been so proud of you
it doesn’t always show.

You dedicate your world to me
you couldn’t give me more ..
You wipe away the tears I cry
you pick me off the floor.

If I grow up to be like you
I know I will go far ..
You’ve always made me be my best
but that’s just who you are.

And everything you’ve always done
I know you will provide ..
A hand to hold, a mother to me
a best friend by my side.

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