A Few Short Years | In Memoriam Verses Child Baby

A Few Short Years
(In Memoriam Verses Child Baby)

You came into the world one day
a few short years ago ..
We wrapped you up in arms of love
and you began to grow.

You learned to walk, and then to talk
when you were very small ..
We watched you dazzle with a smile
you gave to one and all.

You learned to care ’bout others
and often showed them how ..
We saw with joy and pride so great
and often remember now.

You worked so hard at your books
because they were so tough ..
We tried to help you as we could
and hoped it was enough.

You treasured every single friend
be they young or old ..
We could not help but think
you had a pot of gold.

You filled the world with sunshine
a bright and shining light ..
We held you high for all to see
and knew that you were right.

You left one day and shocked us all
when you were but half grown ..
We knew God sent an angel down
to take you to his home.

You could not be forgotten
as if we’d ever try ..
We try to see the love you left
even as we cry.

You wait for us with God we know
for us to join you there ..
We live our sadder lives on Earth
and find you everywhere.