The Leaving | Loss Of Spouse Love Poems

The Leaving
(Loss Of Spouse Poems Love)

Is it truly selfish
to want you back again? ..
I could not calm your mind
I could not ease your pain.

I thought my love would be enough
to keep you here with me ..
But now I know that
was never going to be.

I loved you, I disliked you
we argued and we kissed ..
Your face, your touch
your scent, forever I shall miss.

To hold you in my arms again
my soul no longer lost ..
I’d pay the price and gladly have
no worry to the cost.

They say that life gets better
and time will ease the pain ..
They’re fools who cannot see the truth
it can never be the same.

No daytime and no nighttime
just hour on hour on hour ..
And time has no more meaning now
life’s not sweet, it’s sour.

Some think we have a life-force
or a soul some others say ..
If I had one, I know it died
that dreadful, dreadful day.

Sometimes I know I hurt you
I know that was so true ..
But please forgive me, for those wrong
For I will always .. LOVE YOU.

– Colin Jarratt