The Dad He Didn’t Have To Be | Step-dad Step-father Poems

The Dad He Didn’t Have To Be
For My Dad

I know I didn’t tell you enough
but I think you should know ..
How much I care, how I love you
how much you’ve helped me grow.

Before you came into my world
I had no-one to call “Dad” ..
You leaped the hurdle
(even though you’re short!)
I don’t think you did half bad.

Now I sit here so far from home
living in this distant place ..
Wishing I could sit and have a beer
and to see your ugly old face.

You mean the world to me my Dad
and you might not think it’s true ..
When the day comes, a family I start
I hope to be, a Dad like you.

So many years have passed us now
since I was a little lad ..
Though I’m no longer so little these days
I’m still glad to call you “Dad”.

Now I stand here so far away
in the mirror what do I see? ..
Someone who hopes, I can be but half
of the Dad You didn’t have to be.

This is hard to say, it’s harder to write
but it comes straight from my heart ..
When I tell you that I’ve loved you as Dad
right from the very start.

When I get old I know you’ll still
always be there with me ..
I hope my kids have half the Dad
that you did not have to be.

Now I just want to thank you Dad
from the bottom of my heart ..
For always being there as my Dad
and loving me from the start.

And when my kids get older
and I, sit with grand kids on knee ..
I pray I make, half the Grandpa
I know you’re going to be.