God gives us each the gift of life, to cherish from our birth

God gives us each the gift of life, to cherish from our birth, He gives us friends and loved ones, to share our days on Earth. He watches us with loving care and takes us by the hand, He blesses us with countless joys and guides the lives we’ve planned. Then, when our work on Earth is done, He calls us to His side, to live with Him in happiness, where peace and love abide. – Grief Loss Facebook

In Loving Memory Card - God gives us each the gift of life, to cherish from our birth

Tunnel Of Light | Death Poems

Tunnel Of Light
(Death Poems)

The tunnel of light
is shinning bright ..
I enter in, without
worry or fright.

Time for me will
cease no more ..
As I walk upon
that golden shore.

As I am lifted up thru
the mist out of sight ..
I come to the light
that shines so bright.

All around the
angels gather ..
My soul feel light
just like a feather.

They welcome me
with open arms ..
They tell me I am free
from worldly harms.

They take me down
the streets of gold ..
And show me all
the wonders to behold.

They tell me to rest
my loved ones I’ll see ..
They been waiting
a long time for me.

There they are
I see them now ..
and each one wears
a golden crown.

I see Mom and Dad
my children too ..
they smile and say
welcome home, we’ve
been waiting for you.

Grieving Time .. A Time For Love | Grief Poems

Grieving Time .. A Time For Love
(Grief Poems)

If a loved one has departed
And left an empty space ..
Seek the inner stillness
Set a slower pace.

Take time to remember
Allow yourself to cry ..
Acknowledge your emotions
Let sadness pass on by.

The center in the oneness
Remember .. God is here ..
Death is but a change in form
Your loved one is still near.

Treat yourself with kindness
Allow yourself to feel ..
God will do the mending
And time will help you heal.

A Widow’s Lament | Grief Poems

A Widow’s Lament
(Grief Poems)

The deep purple sky
signals evening is nigh
as the sun sets in the west ..
In dark shadows of night
as my soul takes flight
I am no closer to my quest.

With spring’s return
though I fervently yearn
I still exist,only to weep ..
In the hot summer breeze
I feel winter’s freeze
as I long for blessed sleep.

Though fall’s colors are bold
I feel somber and old
I deride the beauty shone ..
With winter’s snow
and cold winds that blow
I shudder and weep alone.

Sunshine or rain
it is always the same
There is silence in my lonely room ..
It is only in dreams
or so it seems
your presence,banishes the gloom.

My deck of cards are played
as the sun begins to fade
Now the moon withholds its light ..
The stars disappear
No sympathetic ears to hear
as I go into the dark night.

My time will come
when my life’s work is done
and I hasten to your side ..
You have but to wait
at heaven’s open gate
and with YOU, I will forever abide.