Loss Of Child Poem | Always your Mother

Always your Mother
(Loss Of Child Poem)

I am your mother, but you
my child, I cannot hold ..
It’ll get easier with time
or so I’ve been told.

People may forget
that I am your mother ..
I’m part of a secret club
we only share with one another.

But that doesn’t diminish
my love for you ..
I think of you always
the whole day through.

I wonder what you’re doing
my Precious Little One ..
We are connected by an Infinite bond
which cannot come undone.

I will not let Death
tear us apart ..
I promise to always keep you
alive in my heart.

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Memorial Poems For Daughter | My Tiny Butterfly

My Tiny Butterfly
(Memorial Poems For Daughter)

The moment I knew about you
Formed a bond that will never break ..
This tiny life I have inside
From me no-one could take.

My joy increased, I felt you grow
As weeks went quickly by ..
Then one blessed day, I felt you move
‘A tiny butterfly’

It made me laugh, it made me cry.
I’m unable to explain ..
I’ve never known such happiness
I did not foresee the pain.

At the moment of birth, I held you close
I looked into those eyes ..
I saw myself, I saw your soul
A bond that never dies.

The years went by so quickly
From when I held you at my breast ..
To watch you grow to a beautiful woman
And finally leave the nest.

You made me proud of who you are
And all that you have done ..
You often reached beyond the stars
To find your goals and won.

You left this life so quickly
And I am left to mourn ..
Yet precious memories fill my heart
Since the day that you were born.

This bond that even death can’t break
Will keep you here close by ..
But I feel such pain and miss you
My ‘Tiny Butterfly’

By – Ann Lundrigan