For Your Birthday In Heaven | Birthday In Heaven Cards

Birthdays in Heaven, decorations of gold, where the years come and go and you never grow old. Where you celebrate with Angels and past family there, with no illness in sight, just love everywhere. So I don’t need to worry, how your Birthday was spent, ’cause you’re safe in Heaven and my wishes are sent. Though I know you are safe, even though you’re away, I love and I miss you, a little more today. Happy Heavenly Birthday – Toni Kane –  In Loving Memory Birthday Cards Share On Facebook

Heaven Birthday Wishes

Thinking Of You On Your Birthday In Heaven | Birthday In Heaven Cards

Thinking Of You On Your Birthday In Heaven – I have a gift, you cannot see, of heartfelt love and memories. This special gift, the angels bring, is priceless though, weighs not a thing. Carried through the sunlit skies, on wings of doves and butterflies. A loving wish wrapped tight with love, to one I’ve lost, living above. – Birthdays In Heaven Cards To Share On Facebook

Heaven Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Dear Mother In Heaven | In Loving Memory Cards

I read the cards for Mother and the verses bring a tear, for the loving words are written, to those who are still here. You always loved the cards we sent, you saved them through the years, you said they made you feel so loved, your eyes glistening with tears. This year when I bring flowers, in my mind your words I’ll hear, “They’re beautiful .. You shouldn’t have! But I love them .. thank you Dear.” They say you’re in a better place, I hope and pray its true, but, today is your Birthday and I am missing you. – Grief Loss Facebook

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Grandmother Happy Birthday In Heaven | Grandma In Heaven Birthday Card

Grandmother Happy Birthday In Heaven. To my Grandmother in heaven, it’s your birthday today, I hope that you can hear me, as there are things I’d like to say. – Grief Loss Facebook

Heaven Birthday Wishes