Now Gone | Loss Of Spouse Poems Love

Now Gone
(Loss Of Spouse Poems Love)

I don’t always find living my life so easy
With our time of being together now gone ..
Although it is so hard with you not here
I do know, that my life must continue on.

I miss all of the things we always shared
and so many things we had not yet done ..
Everything that was special with only you
which cannot be replaced; not by anyone.

I know I have to continue on with my life
until time comes for me to again join you ..
If I were able to hear you speaking to me
I’m sure, you’d be saying these words too.

Although my sad heart still aches for you
and my life isn’t the same as it was before ..
Life is far too precious not to be fully lived
and I’m blessed, to still have time for more.

Memories of you will forever be my strength
and they will live, with you inside of my heart ..
I will remember everything you mean to me
instead of living the sadness of being apart.

So I will always carry your love in my heart
living my life the best way that I know how ..
Remembering this is what you’d want of me
and I must therefore start to live again, now.