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My Mother, My Friend

Together we’ve laughed
at times we collide ..
Our clash of opinions
always subside.

You’ve always been there
always overseeing ..
With a comforting hug
to protect my well-being.

It’s because of you, mom
I’m courageous and strong ..
With your wisdom and knowledge
to guide me along.

Wherever I go
every turn and bend ..
You are always with me
My mother, my friend

By Toni Kane


My Mother My Guiding Light

Mom you are always
there for me ..
Through all of my life
to oversee.

When I was down
shrouded by sorrow ..
You gave me courage
to face tomorrow.

When I lost my way
and my incite ..
You picked me up
and taught me to fight.

When darkness came
and clouded my day ..
You lit up my dark
and showed me the way.

My faith and courage
my strength to win ..
I accredit to you
what I am within.

With your wisdom and reason
I will prevail ..
With you in my life
I will never fail.

By Toni Kane


My Mama
(Mama Poems)

A lady of sophistication
steady and upstanding ..
Calm in every situation
always understanding.

You taught me everything I know
and all what it implies ..
With all the questions that I asked
the hows, the what, the whys.

My Mother, my teacher
of a perfect blend ..
A wife, a lady
My Mama, my friend.

By Toni Kane


No Words Could Begin

Mom, it’s hard to find the words
how much your mean to me ..
As every word that means the best
Is, every word you’d be.

I wonder how you did it all
and still wonder to day ..
A Mom, Cook, Taxi, Friend
and always the right way.

Mom, is just a little word
with no measure of it’s worth ..
That word, with just three letters
to me, it means the earth.

These words you see, cannot convey
my love to you alone ..
All the things, I feel for you
are ones that need be shown.

By Toni Kane


The Best Mum

Mom you taught me to behave
or there would be a war ..
You’re a, one party army
the long arm of the law.

At times outright embarrassing
the whole street would hear you shout ..
God help me if I misbehaved
and you’d damn near, knock me out.

Look now mum, how I turned out
perfection all the way ..
It all paid off, I’m not a lout
and I thank you every day.

Mum, truly you are the best
without you, what would I do ..
I toe the line, obey the law
and it’s all because of you.

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Mother Quotes

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