Missing You More And More – Grief Poems – Loss Of A Child

Missing You More And More

(Grief Poems – Loss Of A Child)

There’s nothing new that I can say

That I haven’t said before;

In all the years since you left us

I’ve missed you more and more.

I’ve watched your childhood friends grow up

And some have moved away;

But in my heart your sweet memories,

Will forever stay.

I think of all the things you’ve missed

Like marriage, jobs and so

And I wonder what you’d be like now,

If you didn’t have to go.

But surely your perspective,

Is different from ours here,

For you know all of Heaven’s joy,

And you’re with our Lord so dear.

It’s only for ourselves we mourn

For we miss you in many ways

But with your help, we will be brave,

As we live throughout our days.

And someday when our journey’s done

We’ll see your smile once more,

And hold you in our arms again

When we meet at Heaven’s door.