Happy Birthday Niece

Birthday Wishes For Niece

Niece birthday wishes to write in a birthday card.

Happy Birthday Niece, You Are Amazing

  • Very few Aunts in this world have nieces who are also their best friends, late night phone buddies and shopping mates. I am truly lucky to have you. Happy Birthday.
  • A Niece like you
    Brings joy to my life
    Year after wonderful year
    The love that you give
    Brightens my days
    Even when you’re not here
    So love is what this greeting brings
    To you on your special day
    A love with depth beyond compare
    A love that will never sway.
  • The best thing my sister ever did in her life was to give birth to a princess like you. Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • A special Birthday wish for a darling niece
    May all your dreams come true
    May this Birthday bring you luck
    Great gifts and happiness too.
  • If not for awesome nieces like you, our family would be dull and lifeless. Happy Birthday to my wonderful Niece.
  • I am there in your life for a purpose, to spoil you, pamper you, indulge you, fuss over you and allow you to do all those things that you parents don’t. Happy birthday Niece, from your Uncle.
  • To a great Niece! ..
    A day full of happy,
    A smile full of bright,
    A mood full of sunny,
    A heart full of light,
    A year full of peaceful,
    A sky full of blue,
    A life full of lovely ..
    For wonderful You!
    Happy Birthday!
  • There’s a reason why God doesn’t make Nieces like you in the bulk. That’s because every great Niece deserves a great Aunt and there are very few great Aunts like me in the world. Happy Birthday.
  • You are the reason I have always dreamt of having a daughter. Happy Birthday to my favorite Niece.
  • For a terrific Niece…
    Help yourself to happiness!
    Indulge in lots of fun!
    Do all the things that will make
    This day your nicest one!
    Happy Birthday
  • I am not your biological mother but I am your mother’s real sister and we share our DNA. This means that you can think of me as your mother too. Happy Birthday.
  • If I ever had a daughter, I would want her to be exactly like you. Happy Birthday from your favorite Uncle.
  • Every year on your birthday, I am reminded of how time flies. It feels like yesterday when I held you in my arms and now you have grown into a beautiful young woman. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • Your mom gave me a wonderful Niece. I wish I can return the favor to her in the future. Happy Birthday.
  • Niece is such a lovely word
    That always brings to mind
    Memories of the happiest
    And very warmest kind.
    Thoughts of you bring memories
    Through each passing year
    You’ve been the kind of niece
    Who’s especially sweet and dear.
    I know that if you could read my heart
    Then you would surely see
    With every day that passes by
    You mean still more to me.
  • I promise to grant you every item in your birthday wish list that your mother refuses. That’s what Uncles are for. Happy Birthday dear.
  • I think God deliberately didn’t give me a daughter because he saw that I already have an awesome niece like you. Happy Birthday.
  • You become my best friend when I need someone to talk to, my daughter when I feel like being motherly and my best critic when I dress up a party. Happy Birthday to my all in one niece.
  • I really am so fortunate
    To have a Niece like you
    This card is sent with warm wishes
    And loving thoughts too…
    May your birthday be the best
    On this your special day
    And many of life’s finest things
    Always come your way…
  • With each passing year you grow dearer to me. I hope that your birthday is as special as can be! Have a wonderful birthday niece.
  • Very few aunts in this world have nieces who are also their best friends, late night phone buddies and shopping mates. I am truly lucky to have you. Happy Birthday
  • Niece, it is hard to forget your birthday. It is difficult to express in words the happiness you bring to the family, for being who you are. Never change your personality, always assume the challenges and do not give up because of the difficulties in the way. You are strong and you will know how to overcome them. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
  • No doubt, other people have nieces. But, I am confident that none of them are anywhere near as great as mine! Happy Birthday, Niece!
  • Happy Birthday Niece! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday, because you are a special treasure.
  • A Niece is …
    A rainbow on a rainy day
    A golden ray of sunshine
    A twinkling star in the night sky
    Someone who makes everything
    just a little bit more special
    Have a Wonderful Birthday
  • God gave me a Niece like you so that I could take a trial run of fatherhood. Happy birthday darling.
  • Dear Niece, you are a treasure with a heart that’s kind and true. So enjoy a birthday filled with joy while God watches over you.
  • I have been so blessed to have you for my niece. You are an incredibly smart and gorgeous woman, and I have grown more proud of you every day! Happy Birthday
  • You have the gift of making others happy. Today, we wish that same happiness for you! Happy Birthday, Niece
  • To the sweetest Niece
    In all of the land
    May your birthday be
    Happy and grand.
    May you always find joy
    In all you do
    And may your birthday
    Be happy for you.
  • Happy Birthday To a niece who couldn’t be loved more. For the little girl you were, the special woman you are now and the precious niece you will always be.
  • A niece is so special, she will fill your life with love like a rainbow made with sunshine when rain falls from above. Precious memories she will give you many, heartaches and some tears. She’s a treasure that is priceless that will last you all your years. Happy Birthday princess.
  • My niece, my little princess, you rule my heart,
    In the story of my life, you are the very best part.
    Your sweet loving smile and magical ways
    Bring happiness in my life and joy to my days.
    Happy Birthday
  • Today on your birthday I hope that all your dreams come true and that you take advantage while you are young to achieve all your goals. Grow as a person and you will make progress. Have a Happy Birthday!
  • May your party be huge, just like your heart. May your presents be plenty, just like your loved ones. May your candles be brighter than your eyes. May your cake be sweeter than you are. Here’s wishing you a beautiful and grand birthday this year.
  • When your mom placed you in my arms after your birth, little did I know that she was placing you directly in my heart. Happy Birthday dear Niece.
  • About Aunts and Nieces
    There’s something you should know
    As time flies by and years pass
    Their love tends to grow and grow.
    In the grueling  journey of life
    When everything else withers away
    An Aunt and a Niece’s bond
    Is something that will always stay.
    Happy Birthday
  • God was confused in deciding how we should be related so He gave us part blood relation and part friendship .. the best of both worlds. Happy Birthday sweetie
  • Stay mischievous and happy throughout your life. Happy Birthday Niece!
  • Keep your eyes on the stars and hope in the heart and leave the rest up to God. Happy Birthday Darling Niece.
  • You are a Niece
    That truly shines
    Bright as a star
    In the darkest of times.
    Knowing you’re my Niece
    Makes me so proud
    You would stand out
    In any crowd.
    You my dear Niece
    I truly love
    You’re as bright as the stars
    That shine up above
  • I became from being a normal person to an amazing uncle by the birth of my beautiful niece years ago. It still makes me well up a little when I think of the day. Happy Birthday.
  • Take a sprinkling of magic fairy dust
    And an angel’s white feather
    Add a dash of loving care
    Then mix them all together.
    Add a sweet sentiment or two
    Some stardust, ground down fine
    And what you’ll get is a fantastic
    Niece just like mine.

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