Happy Birthday Granddaughter

Birthday Wishes For Granddaughter

Very special, loving, Happy Birthday Granddaughter Wishes. Cute messages, verses and short poems to write in your Granddaughter’s birthday card.


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Granddaughter Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday Darling Granddaughter
Gifts come in, all shapes and sizes
and some can’t be bought or sold ..
There are some gifts so precious
that they’re worth, far more than gold!.
And having you as a Granddaughter
is a joy, each day of the year ..
It’s a precious gift, to treasure
not just when, your Birthday’s here.
So whatever it takes, to make your wish
turn into, dreams come true ..
That’s what is wished, with lots of love
especially for you.
Birthday Wishes With Love
Your Birthday time
is here again, and it
brings a wish for you ..
For love and joy and
happiness, to last
the whole year through.
Happy Birthday Dear Granddaughter
This comes to wish you
happiness, now you’re
Birthday’s here ..
And to let you know
how much you’re loved
each day, throughout the year.
For A Wonderful Granddaughter
There can’t be anybody who
is thought of, more than you ..
Or considered more deserving
of good wishes, warm and true.
Your parents have done quite a few
amazing things in their lives …
… BUT from our perspective
the best they did, was to give us
a wonderful Granddaughter like you.
Happy birthday
With Love To You Granddaughter
On Your Birthday
Sent with love, to bring you
much happiness and cheer ..
to celebrate your Birthday
the best day of the year.
Somehow you bring the sun along
whenever life is dull ..
And in return you’re wished a day
that’s simply wonderful.
To A Special Granddaughter
Because this Birthday card
was picked with you in mind ..
All the wishes that it holds
are the extra special kind.
It wishes for a perfect day
that’s happy through and through ..
Followed by a year that brings
the nicest things to you.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart
We thought we already witnessed
the happiest moment in our lives
when your father was born to us …
… But destiny planned to give us
loads of other happy moments
after you were born.
Happy birthday sweetheart.
Granddaughter It’s your BIRTHDAY
lucky, lucky You ..
You’ll have cake with candles
and lots of presents, too.
And if this Birthday wish comes true
that I have wished for you ..
Then you’ll have loads of fun
today and all year through.
Have A Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Granddaughter

This special card is sent with love
especially to say ..
The nicest Birthday in the world
is wished for you today.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart
Prouder than proud
of the things that you do ..
you’re a beautiful
who’s loved a lot too!’
To A Dear Granddaughter
This card says Happy Birthday
and brings many wishes, too ..
For someone very special
and that, of course, is YOU!
Happy Birthday Granddaughter
A greeting couldn’t hold more love
than this one sent your way ..
To wish you all the nicest things
on this, your special day.
Granddaughter, With Lots of Love
May your Birthday, be more special
that it ever has before ..
And may the year also hold
all good things in store.
May all the things
you’ve wished for and
all your dreams come true ..
For that is what is being wished
especially for you.
Because you are so special and you’re
loved more than words can say ..
Not just now it’s your Birthday
but each and every day.
Happy Birthday To A Special Granddaughter
Today you’ll have a special cake
with candles on the top ..
Lots of gifts to open and fun
that just won’t stop.
You’ll make a Birthday wish
that’s certain to come true ..
Because it will be a special secret
that no one will know, but you.
Happy Birthday
Loving thoughts and wishes
on a very special day ..
For someone who is thought of
in a very special way.
Sending Birthday Happiness
Happy Birthday Granddaughter
With love on your birthday
and every day, too ..
Because Granddaughters
don’t come any sweeter than you.
Lots of Birthday Cuddles
To A Very Special Granddaughter
This loving Birthday greeting
is being sent to you ..
Because you are so wonderful
and you’re loved a whole lot too.
It’s filled with special wishes
for a perfect Birthday day ..
And a year filled with happiness
in every single way.
To A Very Special Granddaughter
Granddaughter, you’re so special
and it seems just right to say ..
That you are loved and thought of
each and every day.
With Love On Your Birthday Granddaughter
Happy Birthday Granddaughter
Your birthday, Granddaughter!
Aren’t you glad?
And all excited, too? ..
Hope each hour
the whole day long
is full of fun for you!
Lots Of Love
There’s no Granddaughter quite like you
you’re truly one of a kind ..
You’re any parents dream come true
You’re dear to heart and mind.
You brighten each and every day
with your unending warmth and love ..
You’re kind and gentle nature
you’re always thought so dearly of.
Happy Birthday
A Special Granddaughter
Granddaughter you’re loved so much
it’s impossible to say ..
All the things we want to tell you
In just one single day.
You bring such special happiness
to those whose lives you touch ..
So it should come as no surprise
that you are loved so much.
Happy Birthday Dear Granddaughter
Warm, special wishes
with lots of loving, too ..
For a birthday that is perfect
in every way for you.
With Lots Of Love.
We have always been
so proud of your Dad
and all the achievements
he has made in his life.
BUT we are MOST PROUD of
his biggest achievement …
… Becoming a FATHER to an
Happy birthday to you,
from your grandparents.
Free Birthday Cards For Granddaughter

A Granddaughter is love
and pride from the very start ..
She has a very special place
in a corner of the heart.
She’s a carer and a sharer
and a special friend as well ..
And that is why your love her
more than words can tell.
Our family has that
special something
“YOU” 🙂
Happy Birthday
For a Special Granddaughter
It means a lot to have a Granddaughter
who’s so great in every way ..
You make each day so special
with all you do and say.
No wonder the whole family
think you are so dear ..
That’s why you’re wished
a load of love and
happiness all year.
Happy Birthday
A granddaughter is someone
you think the world of ..
Someone you treasure
someone you love.
Someone who has
such a wonderful way ..
Of sharing a smile
that will brighten your day.
Hope you spend today enjoying
all things that you like best ..
And celebrating in the ways
that bring you happiness.
With Lots Of Love Granddaughter
Now that it’s your Birthday
it gives us the chance to say ..
That you are thought of lovingly
today and everyday.
A Birthday filled with happiness
is being wished for you ..
With a hope that each tomorrow
will be just perfect too.
A Granddaughter is thoughtful
and warmhearted, too ..
That is … if she’s someone
exactly like you!
Have a Wonderful Birthday
Happy Birthday Dear Granddaughter
A loving greeting
expressing a wish ..
For a day filled with
joy and happiness.
Dear Granddaughter
Every card is special
but not one could ever wish ..
More birthday smiles and happiness
or joy for you, than this.
And may the bright surprises
that are sure to come your way ..
Bring everything you’ve dreamed about
and wished for on this day.
Have a Lovely Birthday
Hope this day’s delightful
Granddaughter and this year
is just the start ..
Of finding all those
special things, you wish
for in your heart.
May the future hold good fortune
in everything you do ..
‘Cos that’s exactly what is wished
with lots of love to you.
Have A Wonderful Birthday
Granddaughter With Love On You Birthday
Your Birthday is the perfect time
to send a card to say ..
You are very special and
you’re loved, in every way.
And with these thoughts come wishes
that the year ahead will bring ..
The happiness, that you deserve
and the best of everything.
You’re also sent extra wishes
that are filled with lots of love ..
For a Birthday that’s really wonderful
filled with all you’re dreaming of.
Granddaughter With Love
Happy birthday wishes
hugs and kisses, too ..
It’s so nice to have
a Granddaughter
who’s as lovely, as YOU!
Have Fun!
Granddaughter, You Are So Sweet
You must be made of sunshine
and stars from up above ..
A little bit of sugar
and lots and lots of love!
Happy Birthday!
To A Special Granddaughter
I hope someone special
who is growing up fast ..
Has Birthday fun
that will last and last.
With Love, Granddaughter
For You Granddaughter
This mouse is happy
through and through ..
And wears a smile
that’s just for you.
He’s coming today
as you can guess ..
To wish you lots
of happiness.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Granddaughter
Thinking of what a sweet
Granddaughter you’ve ALWAYS been ..
Feeling so proud of
the woman you’ve become ..
and wishing YOU 🙂
All the happiness in the world.
Have a Wonderful Day
With a lot of hugs and kisses
and a lot of love to spare ..
for the sweetest Granddaughter
there could be, anywhere!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Granddaughter
With many special wishes
to hope your day’s the kind ..
That’s just as bright and happy
as the thoughts, you bring to mind.
I will always have a limitless supply
of three things for you in life …
Happy birthday Dear Granddaughter.
Happy Birthday Dear Granddaughter
Because you’re someone special
who’s great in every way ..
This comes to wish you lots of fun
and happiness today!
Enjoy Your Day
For A Special Granddaughter
Hope your day is happy
and exciting all through ..
That’s what is wished
dear Granddaughter
especially for you!
Your birthday seems a perfect time
to say a word or two ..
About how nice it is to have
a Granddaughter, such as you.
It also is the perfect chance
to send this wish your way ..
For all the finest things in life
today and every day.
Happy Birthday!
You are my Daughter’s Daughter
and I am your Mother’s Mother …
… That means you will give me
DOUBLE the LOVE and I will give you
Happy Birthday
The word Granddaughter
suits you perfectly …
… because YOU MAKE our
Happy birthday sweetheart
Now we know why God
made us face so many
hardships and struggles
when we were younger …
… He wanted to balance
out the sadness in our lives
with the extreme happiness
of having a wonderful
Granddaughter like you.
Happy birthday
The only job your grandparents
would love to do, without being paid …
… is to be your full-time babysitter.
Happy birthday little one.
Beautiful Granddaughter
Saying “Happy Birthday”
always means a whole lot more ..
When it’s someone special
that the birthday wish is for.
Special Love For You
Your mom hasn’t genetically inherited
too many of my good personality traits …
… But it seems you have inherited
every single one of them. 🙂
Happy birthday Darling Granddaughter
To A Very Special Granddaughter
Make sure you enjoy
your favorite treats
in each and every way ..
Because someone who
is loved like you
deserves a perfect day.
Happy Birthday
You are the reason I know how to
send emails, play games and
use a cell phone to make calls.
I would have been STUCK in the EIGHTIES.
Happy Birthday to my
tech savvy Granddaughter.
If you think that your
Grandpa and Grandma
have put on some weight …
… It’s only because we have
puffed up with pride
from having a beautiful
Granddaughter like you. 🙂
Happy birthday
If life is a cake …
… YOU are the slice
which tastes SWEETEST.
Happy birthday to our
dearest Granddaughter.
Had I known that I would
have such a fun and
delightful Granddaughter
to keep me company …
I would never have worried about
getting old and being alone.
Happy birthday and thank you for
wanting to spend time with me.
On your birthday, we promise to continue
to pamper you enough, spoil you silly and
most importantly, protect you from your
parents when they get angry.
Your grandparents love you,
Happy Birthday Sweetheart
Our lives would have been much easier
if we directly became Grandparents,
of a loving Granddaughter like
you, rather than parents of a
naughty child, like your Dad.
Happy Birthday little one.
When your mother was young
she was lazy and naughty.
BUT … you my dear granddaughter
Are so well behaved and delightful.
At least someone inherited my genetics.
Happy Birthday
We always thought that your mother was
the prettiest woman in the world …
Happy Birthday to the PRETTIEST

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