Happy Birthday Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Girlfriend

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend To Write In Cards

Girlfriend Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend Messages Verses Short Poems

To My Wonderful Girlfriend
This special Birthday greeting
was chosen just for you
To let you know you’re thought about
each day, the whole year through.
As you’re someone who’s so special
in every way .. it’s true.
Happy Birthday With All My Love
For My Lovely Girlfriend
On Your Birthday

Hope you spend today, enjoying
all the things that you like best
And celebrating in the ways
that bring you happiness.
To My Girlfriend
Because of all the things you do
that make me love you so ..
Because you mean, far more to me
than you may ever know.
I want to tell you once again
how much I love you, dear ..
and wish you all the happiness
today and throughout the year.
With Love On Your Birthday
Hope all of your dreams
and your wishes come true ..
And your Birthday brings
many surprises to you.
Hope the coming year holds
the best life can send ..
And is happy for you
from beginning to end.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart
Happy Birthday Sweetheart
It isn’t just on special days
that my thoughts are full of love ..
And you know, that every day
you’re all I’m thinking of.
So this is a reminder
that on today, of all days ..
I love you more than ever
not only now .. but always.
With All My Love
To My Girlfriend
I hope this Birthday wish will say
all the things, I’d like it to ..
For instance, just how much it means
to be in love with you.
As you brighten
each and every day
for me in such
a special way.
Happy Birthday With Love
Girlfriend Have A Very Happy Birthday
Here’s hoping your Birthday will be
Held with friends and family ..
Celebrating your special day
With fun and laughter all the way.
Have A Happy Birthday With Love
My Girlfriend With Love
You’re such a special Girlfriend
and this wish that comes your way ..
is for everything to be perfect
as you celebrate your Birthday.
And looking to the future
hope it always holds in store ..
Many very happy things
more than you could ask for.
With Much Love On Your Birthday
A Loving Wish For You
With a handful, of best memories
and some loving wishes, too ..
I added dreams for happiness
and hope, they all come true.
I wrapped them in, warm affection
and sent them all to you ..
Because you are so special
each day, the whole year through.
To The One I Love
On Your Birthday.

May these very special
wishes sent to you
bring happiness always.
Girlfriend Have A Fabulous Birthday
You’re very special
all year through ..
So hope your birthday’s
like that, too.
Happy Birthday My Love
I hope this birthday wish, shows
how much you mean to me ..
You’re really thought the world of
and it’s plain, for all to see.
And I hope this wish will stay with you
long after, this day has gone ..
Because you’re so amazing
and are my No.1!
With Love On Your Birthday
To My Wonderful Girlfriend
You’re so very special and
your day should be special, too ..
Filled with all the nicest things
that brings, happiness to you.
Happy Birthday
with Love
Happy Birthday Girlfriend
There couldn’t be a more loving wish
than this one I have for you ..
To hope your special day is
full, of happiness right through.
And when your day is over
may the year, ahead too ..
Be filled with lots of happiness
especially for you!
Because you’re loved so very much
this brings a wish your way ..
For everything you could want
to fill your special day.
Happy Birthday!
These happy birthday wishes
being sent to you today ..
For a Girlfriend who is thought
of in a very special way.
Have A Great Day
Happy Birthday To You
My Darling.

A bouquet of birthday wishes
sent with all my love.
I love the happy times we share
The moments when you show you care
I love you for just being there
I love you, because you’re YOU.
Happy Birthday
To The One I Love
This comes with love
and fondest thoughts
especially for you ..
To tell you, how much
you mean to me, today
and all year through.
Beautiful Girlfriend
All that gives a birthday
that special, happy touch ..
Is wished for you today
because you’re loved so much.
Have a Wonderful Day
For My Beautiful Girlfriend
Thinking of you lovingly, now
that your Birthday’s here ..
Just as you’re always thought about
each day, throughout the year.
And sending you, this message
especially to say ..
You’re are so very special
and loved more, every day.
Happy Birthday
No one has ever made me feel
as wonderful as you do …
No one has ever made me feel
so loved, and wanted, and desired …
And I believe that in this world
there is a special person for everyone
who brings out deep feelings no one else can.
There is a special love that lifts you up
to wonderful heights you never knew before.
There is a special love that touches your heart
and never goes away from that moment …
And I know I’ve found that precious love in you,
because no other person makes me feel like you do …
I will always love you.
Happy Birthday
To My Lovely Girlfriend
I have a special Birthday wish
but it’s not included here ..
Because it’s very large
and it has to last the year.
And it must be said in person
and it must be done like this ..
With a hug, that says I love you
and a great big Birthday kiss.
Happy Birthday
To My Special Girlfriend
As today’s your Birthday
this brings a wish your way ..
For everything that’s wonderful
to fill such a special day.
Happy Birthday
To The One I Love
On Your Birthday

Special thoughts are with you
today and always.
This birthday card is bringing love
and happy wishes, too ..
For someone very special
and that, of course, is you!
Happy Birthday With Love
To My Wonderful Girlfriend
You mean so very much to me
each day,throughout the year ..
And this just comes to tell you so
now that your Birthday’s here.
It also comes to tell you
although, hopefully you know ..
You really are a so wonderful
who’s loved, more
than words can show.
Happy Birthday
For My Girlfriend With Lots Of Love
This Birthday wish is for the one
I cherish and adore ..
The one I’ve always loved
The one I’ll love, for evermore.
Have a Very Happy Birthday
To The One I Love
You’ll have a perfect birthday
if these wishes all come true ..
Because they’re hoping for a day
that’s special, just like you.
With Love

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