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Happy Birthday Brother Poems

Brother – Brother. Brother Sister Birthday Verses.


A Brother And Sister

Brother and sister
together as friends ..
Ready to face
whatever life sends.

Joy and laughter
pain and tears ..
There for each other
through all of our years.

Another year passed
and I’d just like to say..
I wish you the best
in life everyday.

Happy Birthday


(Sister Brother Birthday Poems)

Happy Birthday Brother

You broke my dolls
stole my skates ..
Kissed and dated
all my mates.

Blamed me for all
things gone wrong ..
When you knew it
was you, all along.

Now you know
there couldn’t be another ..
Like you, my adorable
but, naughty Brother.


Happy Birthday Little Brother

My Baby Brother

As round as a ball
cuddly as a bear ..
With big blue eyes
and sandy blond hair.

He giggles so loudly
as does his cry ..
So bold and daring
yet timid and shy.

He annoys me so much
and puts me through strife ..
But he is like sunshine
a light in my life.

Today it’s his birthday
annoying or not ..
My little Brother
I love him a lot.


You’re thought of with affection
now your special day is here ..
Thoughts of you are full of warmth
each day throughout the year.

For when it comes to Brothers
you are the special kind ..
And every word inside this card
is wished with you in mind.

So when you read this birthday card
that’s being sent your way ..
May it just remind you
that you’re special every day.


Love My Brother

When you are far away
and the miles keep us apart ..
I’m going to whisper
“I love you my brother”
and send it to your heart.

Distance does not
change a thing
be it near or far ..
A brother’s, a brother
close to my heart
no matter where you are.

Happy Birthday Bro


Little Brother Happy Birthday

I write this for my little Bro
though years between us be ..
There’s one thing you must know
you mean the world to me.

A distance comes between us
I know this isn’t fair ..
This doesn’t change anything
my love is always there.

I’m proud of you my little Bro
your life is going great ..
When I’m gone, don’t be sad
be happy, little mate.

Another year has passed us bye
look how much you’ve grown ..
Happy Birthday little Bro
time has really flown.


Happy Birthday Bro

There’s no other love
like the love for a Brother.


Brother What You Mean To Me

I’m writing this to tell you
as I want you to really know ..
How much I really love you
though it often doesn’t show.

I can’t express in words alone
just what I feel for you ..
I can’t even come close
but just know that it’s true.

You’re always there for me
and I wanted you to know ..
You’re not just my brother
but my best friend also.

I know we’ve both been through a lot
and we’re still going strong ..
But we’ve always made a great team
even when struggles were long.

I love you more than you’ll ever know
Even when we fight with each other ..
But I thank God everyday
He gave me you for a brother.

Happy Birthday My Brother


Your Birthday’s come around again
another year’s gone by ..
And you are wished so very well
and here’s the reason why.

Now I’m not trying to flatter you
however it may seem ..
But you’ve always been someone
who is held in high esteem.

And now it’s time to tell you
that with every passing year ..
You’ve never been far from my thoughts
and I hold you so dear.

And now that it’s your special day
dear brother, can you see ..
How wonderful I think you are
and what you mean to me.

Have a wonderful Birthday Bro


A Happy day like this one
brings special thoughts of you ..
And with these thoughts come wishes
that are very special too.

Wishes for a birthday
full of laughter and good cheer ..
Enough to last, not just today
but each day of the year.

You have a way of doing things
with such a thoughtful touch ..
And that is why, dear Brother
you are loved so very much.

Here’s hoping for a day
that sees your dreams come true ..
For there’s no other Brother
quite as wonderful as you.

Happy Birthday Dearest Brother


Happy Birthday Brother From Sister

I searched and searched for something
to give you on your special day ..
But nothing was quite good enough
or not the words I wanted to say!

I looked in the stores to find
that perfect little gift ..
Something very special
to give your heart a lift.

I looked in the dept stores
and wondered what to do ..
Nothing there could come close
to being special enough for you.

I looked in all the papers
I even looked on line ..
Praying that somewhere
a special gift for you I’d find.

Then I felt a gentle nudge
that gave me quite a start ..
T’was if a voice had said to me
‘look within your heart’.

So I looked inside my heart
at all the memories there ..
Of all the wonderful loving
memories that we share.

And I came up with this little verse
that is so simple, yet so true ..
The best thing about being your sister
is that for a brother, I have in you.

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