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(Father Daughter Poems)
My Daughter

I look into her little eyes,
and to God I say a prayer ..
I ask Him please ‘watch over her
on the days that I’m not there’.

I pray to God she never has to feel the pain
that her Daddy held deep inside ..
But if she does, that I will understand
it is something she never has to hide.

I know the world can be a scary place
please God don’t let her fear ..
She only deserves a better chance
she didn’t ask to be here.

I truly have put my faith in you
to help me do what’s best for her ..
Even though I feel that I do my best
I need Your help to know for sure.

I listen to her take her little breaths
and watch how every day she grows ..
I have more questions than time to ask
but I hope for her, I can be, the one who always knows.

Please never let her see the fear in me
please don’t let her be scared ..
Just reassure her that whatever Daddy did
he did, because he cared.

By – Ryan Hart


(Daughter Poems)
My Sweet Daughter

My sweet daughter, lovely and true
you’re always on my mind ..
With memories of the yesteryears
and present all entwined.

I see a crawling curious babe
slowly learning to behave.

On to dolls and girlie things
dress-ups, tea-parties, fairy wings.

Teen boys coming to the door
me thinking, what are they here for?

Wedding bells arrive so fast
my time now is in the past.

With ears alert, I now await
to hear and share my daughter’s fate.

My sweet daughter, lovely and true
Please know this, I Love You!


(Mother Daughter Poems)
From Mother To Daughter

I know you think I’m hard on you
year after year ..
I would like to take this chance
to tell you, why it is my dear.

You are and will always be my little girl
but my protection will not last ..
Life is wonderful, but it is not easy
so you must learn real fast.

I must teach you to stand
and how to take a fall ..
and how to get straight back up
I must teach you above all.

I must teach you to rely
and trust in your own visions ..
There will be times when there is no one else
to make the hard decisions.

I must teach you to develop understanding
forgiveness love and trust ..
This will keep your family together
this lesson is a must.

I hope the things I’ve tried to teach
will one day be clear ..
The time will come you for you to teach
your little girl to hear.


(Poem For My Daughter)
Daughter Of Mine

There’s a charm and grace about you
a spirit free and wild ..
the kind that’s honest true and free
the spirit of my child.

Yet you walk the walk of a woman
who is confident and strong ..
Who can stand her ground when needed
knowing right from wrong.

With a heart full of compassion
with an independent mind ..
Every little thing you are
In one is hard to find.

There are no words to describe
how much you mean to me ..
or how proud I am of the woman
that you have come to be.


(Poem To My Daughter)
My Miracle

How do I explain in words?
how proud I am of you ..
The person you are
Is someone to look up to.

You’re not only my daughter
but my best friend too ..
I must have done something right
for the gods to give me you.

I wondered when you were a little girl
what God had planned for you ..
Who and what you’d grow up to be
made all my dreams come true.

I am so very proud of you
In each and every way ..
God gave me the gift of you
a miracle every day.


(Poem For Daughter)
My Darling Girl

My darling girl
whose almost grown ..
Very soon you’ll fly
out on your own.

As I reflect
on years passed ..
one by one
they went so fast.

I cherish memories
of you and me ..
and dreamt what
your future life would be.

I wish for the best
throughout your life ..
Simple happiness
without strife.

There were times of joy
along the way ..
with bouts of turmoil
and dismay.

You’ve had some knocks
and times of tears ..
But your inner strength
has grown through years.

There’ll be many choices
in life to make ..
I know the right
path you will take.

There is some advice
I have left to give ..
Be true to you
and the life you live.

Set your goals high
along the way ..
live to the fullest
every day.

Keep God in your life
and be true to Him ..
He promises guidance
when life is dim.

Know that I love you
with all of my heart ..
Nothing will ever
tear that love apart.


(Mother Daughter Poems)
Gods Gift

How sweet it is a mother’s love
When God bestows gifts from above.

He sends you down into my arms
to fill my world with your charms.

I watch you learn and grow each day
I watch you discover things at play.

You look to me with wondering eyes
my love for you I can’t disguise.

A love like this not known before
This little girl I do adore.

Filling my days with magic beams
filling nights cuddly dreams.

How I wish for you the very best
Keep all the good, discard the rest.

Protect you from all life’s pain
Dance in sunlight, play in the rain.

You’re my miracle a part of me
I am what I’ve wished to be.

Your Momma


(Poem For My Daughter)

If I had the chance to tell you
all the things in my heart ..
I would tell you how very much
I have loved you from the start.

I would tell you how proud you make me
each and every day ..
How beautiful a young woman, you’re growing into
in all you do and say.

I would tell you of the respect I have for you
as my daughter and the person you are.

I would tell you stories of how you remind me of me.
Of the mistakes I made so hopefully
you would avoid some heartache.

I would listen to all your hopes and dreams
and encourage you all the way.

I would remind you of how wonderful you are
and of all the good things you do ..
and tell you every day, as I do now
how much, I love you.


(Poem To My Daughter)
My Daughter

I sneak into your room at night
just to gaze upon your face ..
The love I hold within my heart
for you, can’t be replaced.

Every prayer, hug and kiss
I recall with a smile ..
Every tantrum, every tear
every time-out trial.

I place your tiny hand in mine
and close my eyes real tight ..
I pray to the Lord, that he will
help me raise you right.

I lean down to kiss
your soft little cheek ..
I pull up your favorite blanket
so soft, cuddly and pink.

I whisper ‘good night my love’
and close your bedroom door ..
Wishing I could keep you
always and forever four.

But I know I can’t
still the hands of time ..
But If I could, I would
give up my last dime.

These moments with you my child
are, so precious and few ..
I wouldn’t trade or give away
one single second with you.


My Little Princess

Oh my little princess
your arrival is not yet set ..
I’ve been waiting to meet you
and prepared your new bed.

Your family is all gathered
to see you bundled and home ..
And smother you with kisses
and a love, not yet known.

Come soon little princess
you’re on the edge of my heart ..
I burn with anticipation
to hold you in my arms.


(Poem To My Daughter)
A Precious Flower

A precious little flower
that is in constant bloom ..
I watch as yet another milestone
around the corner looms.

It seems like only yesterday
that we shared a breath ..
but now it seems like tomorrow
you will leave and I’ll be left.

A tiny little angel
that always is in flight ..
as soon as you came into my life
you brought me so much light.

Your beauty is so stunning
your smile makes me melt ..
I’m so proud to be your mommy
it’s the best I’ve ever felt.

Oh perfect little princess
with you I’m so in love ..
every night before I dream
I thank the lord above.

How did I get so lucky
to have as sweet of a gift as you ..
if ever you should need me
there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.

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