Farewell, Dear Mother | Memorial Mom Mother

Farewell, Dear Mother
(Sympathy Memorial Poems Mom Mother)

Somewhere in my heart beneath
all my grief and pain ..
Is a smile I still wear
at the sound of your dear name.

The precious word is ‘MOTHER’
she was my world you see ..
But now my heart is breaking cause
she’s no longer here with me.

God chose her for His angel
to watch me from above ..
To guide me and advise me
and know that I’m still loved.

The day she had to leave me
when her life on earth was through ..
God had better plans for her
for this, I surely knew.

When I think of her kind heart
and all those loving years ..
My memories surround me and
I can’t hold back the tears.

She truly was my best friend
someone I could confide in ..
She always had a tender touch
and a warm and gentle grin.

I want to thank you Mother
for teaching me so well ..
And though the time has come
that I must bid you this farewell.

I’ll remember all you’ve taught me
and make you proud you’ll see.
Thank you my Dear Mother
for all the love you showed me.

Although you’ve left this earth
and now you’ve taken flight ..
I know that you are here with me
each morning, noon and night.

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Funeral Poems Mother | A Mother’s Crown

A Mother’s Crown
(Sympathy Funeral Poems Mother)

Heaven lit up with a mighty presence
as the Angels all looked down ..
Today the Lord was placing the jewels
into my mother’s crown.

He held up a golden crown
as my darling mother looked on ..
He said in His gentle voice
‘I will now explain each one.’

‘The first gem,’ He said, ‘is a Ruby
and it’s for endurance alone .
For all the nights you waited up
for your children to come home.’

‘For all the nights by their bedside
you stayed till the fever went down ..
For nursing every little wound
I add this ruby to your crown.’

‘An emerald, I’ll place by the ruby
for leading your child in the right way ..
For teaching them the lessons,
that made them who they are today.’

‘For always being right there
through all life’s important events ..
I give you a sapphire stone
for the time and love you spent.’

‘For untying the strings that held them
when they grew up and left home ..
I give you this one for courage.’
then the Lord added a garnet stone.

‘I’ll place a stone of amethyst,’ He said
‘for all the times you spent on your knees ..
When you asked if I’d take care of your children
and then for having faith in Me.’

‘I have a pearl for every little sacrifice
that you made without them knowing ..
For all the times you went without
to keep them happy, healthy and growing.’

‘And last of all I have a diamond,
the greatest one of all ..
For sharing unconditional love
whether they were big or small.’

‘It was your love that helped them grow
feeling safe and happy and proud ..
A love so strong and pure
it could shift the darkest cloud.’

After the Lord placed the last jewel in
he said, ‘Your crown is now complete ..
You’ve earned your place in Heaven
with your children at your feet.’

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A Mother’s Farewell To Her Children | Sympathy Poems Mom – Funeral Poems Mother

A Mother’s Farewell To Her Children
(Sympathy Poems Mom Funeral Poems Mother)

When I must leave
you for a while ..

Please do not grieve
and shed wild tears ..
And hug your sorrow
to you through the years.

But start out bravely
with a gallant smile ..

And for my sake
and in my name ..
Live on and of
all things the same.

Feed not your loneliness
in empty days
But fill each waking hour
in useful ways.

Reach out your hand
in comfort and in cheer ..
And I in turn will comfort you
and hold you near.

And never, never
be afraid to die ..
For I am waiting
for you in the sky.

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A Mother’s Message From Heaven | Sympathy Poems Mom Mother

A Mother’s Message From Heaven
(Sympathy Poems Mom Mother)

I see you my darlings, all the time
I know everything you do ..
Would you believe, my dearest children
I’m even closer now to you!

I can see inside your minds
Indeed, inside your hearts ..
I even know you better now
Than I did before, sweethearts.

I’ve always loved you – you know that
But maybe now I love you more ..
I love the adults that you’ve become
Just as I loved the child before.

I know how much you miss me
Well, I surely miss you, too ..
I miss our talking and our laughing
And all we used to do.

Whether you are six or sixty
You’ll always be my precious child ..
You’re the babies that I carried
And the adults that helped me smile.

What you need to understand
Though death has taken me away ..
Is that I’ve not left you, my darlings
I am still with you today.

My family, I could never leave you
God, of course, would not want that ..
Physically, we are apart
But our hearts are still attached.

I love you all the time
You cannot get away from me ..
That’s the way a Mother is
Right until eternity.

Every day I’m with you
I see you from above ..
And I want for you to know
How very much you’re dearly loved.

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