Men Do Cry | Son Loss Memorial Poems

Men Do Cry
(Son Loss Memorial Poems)

I heard quite often
“men don’t cry” ..
Though no one ever
told me why.

So when I fell
and skinned a knee ..
No one came by
to comfort me.

And when some bully
boy at school ..
Would pull a prank
so mean and cruel.

I’d quickly learn
to turn and quip ..
“It doesn’t hurt,”
and bite my lip.

So as I grew
to reason years ..
I learned to stifle
any tears.

Though “Be a big boy”
it began ..
Quite soon I learned
to “Be a man.”

And I could play
that stoic role ..
While storm and tempest
wracked my soul.

No pain or setback
could there be ..
Could wrest one single
tear from me.

Then one long night
I stood nearby ..
And helplessly
watched my son die.

And quickly found
to my surprise ..
That all that tearless
talk was lies.

And still I cry
and have no shame ..
I cannot play
that “big boy” game.

And openly
without remorse ..
I let my sorrow
takes its course.

So those of you
who can’t abide ..
a man you’ve seen
who’s often cried.

Reach out to him
with all your heart ..
As one whose life’s
been torn apart.

For men DO cry
when they can see ..
their loss
of immortality.

And tears will come
in endless streams ..
When mindless fate
destroys their dreams.

– Ken Falk

My Beloved | In Loving Memory Wife

My Beloved
(In Loving Memory Wife Poems)

We never got to say good-bye
Still I live with no regret ..
For I can’t recall … Can You my Love?
The day where we’d forget.

To reaffirm those bonds we made,
Often subtle in the ways ..
Inviting smiles … a knowing touch
Adding promise to our days.

Days of joy and some with tears
Those many years we shared ..
Yet seldom came a sunset
That it wasn’t known we cared.

Love expressed as more than habit
Instead confessed sincere ..
Endearments offered from our hearts
How many did we hear?

We made no wounds with bitter words
No scars were left behind ..
The love we knew … So strong yet gentle
Was never that unkind.

I speak of we … but it was You
Who lifted us above ..
The heartache life would sometimes bring
How Grand! … You were to love.

I’ll keep Your memory in my heart
Till last I close these eyes ..
The day I pray You’ll light my way
To a Realm of, ” No Good-byes “.

– John Matheson

Husband To An Angel | In Loving Memory Wife

Husband To An Angel
(In Loving Memory Wife Poem)

Echoes reaching
through the years ..
Sounds sublime
caress my ears.

Ballads of
a garden bird ..
Babies’ giggles
softly heard.

Still I crave
my dearest choice ..
What I wouldn’t give
to hear Her voice.

Rainbows bent
in summer skies ..
Misty hues
that stun my eyes.

Trees in autumn
limbs aglow ..
Moonlit shadows
on drifted snow.

A vision longed for
in their place ..
What I wouldn’t give
to see Her face.

Essence fashioned
from the rose ..
Breaths of pleasure
fill my nose.

Linens fresh
upon the bed ..
Wines bouquet
inside my head.

What fragrance missing
could compare ..
What I wouldn’t give
to smell Her hair.

Sensations I have
begged to linger ..
Contours felt
with every finger.

Ocean surf curled
’round my feet ..
My body bare
on satin sheet.

An awareness gone
I loved so much ..
What I wouldn’t give
to feel Her touch.

Chocolate sipped
in cold December ..
A thousand flavors
I remember.

Honey spooned
upon my tongue ..
Ice cream cones
when I was young.

The sweetness lost
I’ll always miss
What I wouldn’t give
to taste Her kiss.

– John Matheson
Copyright August 1,1999

In Loving Memory Sister Poems | My Father Buried My Sister Today

My Father Buried My Sister Today
(Sister Poems – In Loving Memory Sister Poems)

My father buried my sister today
My soul burns red with pain ..
No longer will I touch her face
Or caress her skin again.

My father buried my sister today
God, what have I done wrong ..
To have her stolen from my arms
When my faith in you was strong.

My father buried my sister today
Thank God I have another ..
I couldn’t walk this path alone
For every breath’s a struggle.

My father buried my sister today
That’s not where she should be ..
Searing, ripping, tearing ache
Emotions overcome me.

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