It doesn’t need a special day, to bring you to my mind

It doesn’t need a special day, to bring you to my mind, for days without a thought of you, are very hard to find. – Grief Loss Facebook

It Doesn't Need A Special Day To Bring You To My Mind

We watched you suffer, we saw you die

We watched you suffer, we saw you die, but all we could do was sit close by. You went away, we had to part God eased your pain, but broke our hearts. – Grief Loss Facebook

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A bouquet of precious memories

A bouquet of precious memories, sprayed with a million tears, wishing God could have spared you, just a few more years. – Grief Loss Facebook

A Bouquet Of Precious Memories Grief Poem Card
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Heaven Sent By Toni Kane

Don’t limit your thoughts on what you think you know the what, or if, to where we go. This life is a mystery, as was your birth, the decent of your soul, to walk this earth. The essence of life, is more than is known, much more than we see, to believe we’re alone. If you choose to believe, that when we die, that you know where we go, would be a lie. See life as it is, a miraculous event, why not believe, we are heaven sent? Uncharted and hidden, is life’s mystery, so much unexplained, for it not to be. – Grief Loss Facebook

Dont Limit Your Thoughts Heaven Sent Poem