Angel | Sympathy Funeral Poems

(Sympathy Poems – Funeral Poems)

Tear drops, slow and steady
the pain so real and true ..
God took another angel
and that angel, dear, was you.

Angel wings, upon the clouds
your body softly sleeps ..
Hush now little princess
no more tears you have to weep.

Memories and little prayers
we all are mourning you ..
But we’ll celebrate the
short life you led
we will never, forget you.

I know God will look after you
now you are truly alive ..
Your spirit soars beyond the moon
your legacy will survive.

You’re beautiful, you’re endless
now stretch your wings and fly ..
We love you so, I love you so
but now we say goodbye.

Close your pretty eyes
no more tears, just go and rest ..
Let your soul lie peacefully
we know you did your best.

It was your time, so as we cry
go forward that extra mile ..
You did what you were sent to do
you made everybody smile.

– Christelle Dardagos