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Sms-Messages P1


Just sum words 2 keep in touch

coz u r on my mind so much

& even though, I’ve none 2 say,

U’ll know I thought of u all day.


Ur on my mind,

Ur in my heart,

wherever we go,

we’re neva apart.


Ur so sexy & so sweet,

from Ur head down 2 ya feet.

Cute lips & a button nose

evrythins cute, even yr toes.


I wanted ta send ya all my luv

but in won’t fit thru the fone.

wanted 2 send U me so

U won’t be all alone.


U stole my heart,  the moment I saw,

yr beautiful face walk thru the door.

Call me crazy, call me insane,

my heart beats madly when I hear yr name.


Waiting 4 U 2 give me a call,

or send me an Sms.

Let me know, U got my number

In exchange, U can have my address.


I smile when I think of U,

I blush when yr around,

I think luv is the reason,

the only one I’ve found.

Spend an hour in my Mind,

a Minute in my Heart,

a Second in my Soul.

Then U’ll  know how it feels,

2  Luv U!


Of all the friends I’ve ever met.

Your the one I won’t forget.

You’re the best

& U should know,

so I’m sendin U this 2  tell U so.


When U R sleeping & I know what I’ll do.

I’ll jump in yr dream & U’ll wake up wiv U.


I can’t text U a flower

or email U my heart.

I can’t blow U kisses,

coz we’re so far apart.

I thought of all these things

but this is all I can do,

If I could, U know I would,

do anything 4 U


A day without U is a day 2  long.

A night without U. is 4 eva.

2 wake up without U, is a nightmare,

can’t wait till we’re back togetha.


We may not B perfect,

but we R 4 each other.

U R all I’ll eva want

there’ll neva B anotha.


2 me U are priceless

2 the world U R not

2 me U R  everything

& all that I got.

A message 2 U, just 2 say,

I think about U, all day.

I try 2 forget, but always find,

U R always on my mind.


I’m sendin U this sms, without a number, but hope U guess.

Can U guess who it would be, I’m hopin U guess,  that it’s from me.


My thoughts created this message,

my hand I used to write,

my heart is in these words,

when U R not in sight.


My night now day,

My dark now light,

My memories once empty,

R now full & bright.

Each moment now filled with

thoughts of U,

Yr the light in my life,

that guides me thru.


I’m so blessed,

with luv so true.

I’m so lucky,

2 have U.


I forgot 2 say I Luv U &

the hug I had to give &

tell U what U mean 2 me,

without U I couldn’t live.

2 find U was comfort,

2 love U soothes my soul,

2 have U 4 all my life,

completes & makes me whole.


U & I  2 getha,

U & I 4 eva,

U & I 4 all of time,

luv U not, I’ll neva.


If U get what U give, thru good N bad,

I must of bin good, U C

’cause I have U, N I’m so glad

that U R here with me.


U R my Angel,

sent from above.

2 fill my life

wif yr sweet  luv.


This sms 4 U today,

’cause I luv & value U each day.

U my darlin R the best,

I truly think I am blessed.


It may B a little Message,

It may B very small,

but it just may be all I need,

2 say U R my all.


A sms in not my choice,

cause I would rather hear yr voice.

So I won’t waste a chance to say

how much I luv U each day.


We didn’t meet by chance,

I know we R meant 2 B,

sent 2 earth to dance along,

thru this life wif me.


Can’t W8 till U get home,

I h8 2 B apart.

Cant w8 2 hold U in my arms,

closest 2 my heart.


B4 the sun arose,

b4 the dawn had broken

& I already miss U

honey since I have awoken.


I send U this sweet message,

& hope U R alright,

Hope Ur day is lovely

& I’ll C U tonight.


Just a little note to say,

hope all goes well, 4 U today.

Hope U succeed in all U do,

& remember my thoughts, R there with U.



S  4 Sweet like U

M  because yr Mine,

S 4 being so sexy,

sensual & divine.


Sumthin different sumthin new

sumthin that I’m tryin 2 do

sumthin special, sumthin true

but words so different, R so few

thought all day, thought is thru

But there’s nuthin betta than,

“I Love Yous”


“Love Yous”, R

hard to speak.

Love Yous, make

the tough weak.

My “Love Yous” get

stuck I guess.

So my “Love Yous”,

R  Sms.


I miss U, I want U, so much,I confess.

But It’s only easy, 4 me 2 say, with  this “Sms”.


I think yr gorgeous

stunning & Gr8.

Maybe this “Message”

may get me a D8?

Hoping Ur single,

& U R my F8.

Most of all, I hope

I’m not 2 L8.

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