Memorial Poems

Memorial Poems Remembrance Poems

Memorial Poems – Remembrance Poems – In Memoriam Verses are for those looking for a significant poem to remember the loss of a loved one – MemorialRemembrance Poems can help a person to express grief and feelings toward those they have loved and lost.

Remembrance - In Loving Memory - Memorial Poems - In Memoriam Verses

I Am Not Alone

Don’t spend too much

time in mourning.

Tears are for the sad.

I left to be with Jesus, and

this should make you glad.

Don’t waste your hours grieving.

No need to feel distressed.

I’m tired of life’s frustrations,

and have much needed rest.

Don’t ask yourself questions,

or try to reason why.

Life here for me was ended

it was my time to die.

Don’t lose the love I gave you,

nurture it with care.

Grow it with your love and

spread here and there.

Don’t fret because my leaving

came in such a tragic way.

We’ll have another meeting,

when it is your Day!


My Sweet Child

There’s nothing in this world,

more precious than birth.

As that of a your child,

to have and hold on earth.

When one comes into our life,

there is no greater joy.

It matters not what you have,

be it a girl or boy.

There’s nothing in this world

that brings, such heartfelt pain and sorrow,

as to have them in your life one day

and find them gone tomorrow.

The loss of a little child,

that was only here on loan.

God, our Heavenly Father,

reached out and took them home.

It’s so hard to understand why,

but we must trust and believe.

We will hold our child again one day,

when its our time to leave.


Without You

It’s different here without you.

It’s as if there is no sun.

Darkness now surrounds me.

My world seems so undone.

You were my life, my everything,

but now, sweetheart you’ve gone.

Somehow I must find faith in God

and let my life go on.

They say time mends a broken heart.

If true, time is my friend.

I’ll count the days until the time,

you’re in my arms again.


Thank you For Being There For Me

I am not gone and

want you to know.

That I am with you,

wherever you go.

I’ve gotten my wings,

and learned to fly.

And I’ll wipe your tears,

when you cry.

Even though it seems

we’re apart.

You’re a part of my soul

and alive in my heart.

The love that we shared

won’t go away.

Deep in my heart it

forever will stay.

You held me close

when I, feared,

you comforted me when,

my time had neared.

You guided me,

when none other could.

You protected me,

when no one else would.

My wings grew fast,

a feathery weave,

You taught me to fly,

when it was my time to leave.