My Brother, I Love You – Brother Poems – I’m so proud of you my Brother You mean so much to me.

My Brother, I Love You

(Brother Poems)

I’m so proud of you my Brother

You mean so much to me.

I only wish you could look inside

My heart and truly see.

If you could just step in a while

To see thoughts, that make me smile.

Of all the times we have shared

Those times of long ago

The memories of our childhood days

That only we could know.

Those times of pain and heartache

When we thought that we would break

Those times of sadness, loss and gain

And running, playing in the rain.

You’ve helped me to face my fears

You’ve been there through all my years.

You’ve been my strength when I was weak

And helped me out when times were bleak.

You taught me to climb higher, than I ever cared to go

Because you believed in me, and helped me to learn and grow.

You wouldn’t let me give up, you wouldn’t let me rest

You told me to move it, and do my very best.

Thank you my Brother for caring about me so

How much I truly appreciate and love you, you will never know


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