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When someone that we hold dear passes away, there will be an overwhelming sense of sadness and grief. In loving memory messages, verses and poems can help to express our inner most feelings of sadness and sorrow, at this most difficult time. We try hard to make sense of everything, and we try to put into perspective, everything that this person has represented, during their time on earth. This is the reason why we write down our thoughts and feelings, that personally relate to the person that has passed away. So what do you write, in your own in loving memory message, when you or someone has lost a loved one? – In loving memory messages on this website, will give you ideas of how to put feelings and emotions into words, and relieve the pressure, making it easy for you to duplicate, print or alter one of these messages, and make it your own. This is especially true, if you don’t have time, don’t know what to include, or know not how to compose your own message or verse to communicate your support and grief. You may also use these messages and verses to aid and assist yourself towards composing your own messages. poems or verses. There are many ways to accomplish it. You can create one out of your own inspirations, or you can use the messages below for ideas and reference.

(In Loving Memory Mother Mom Wife)
A Love that is true
you find once in your life ..
He knew he had found it
so he made you his wife.
Decades have passed since
the day you were wed ..
All those years ago
the day you both said.
For richer, for poorer
till death do us part ..
The love you’s shared
still lives on in your heart.
Now that he’s in heaven
and I know that you are sad ..
You should rejoice in your memories
and the family that you’ve had.
As you release this butterfly
in honor of me ..
know that I’m with you
and will always be.
Hold a hand, say a prayer
close your eyes, see me there.
Although you may feel
a bit torn apart ..
please know that I’ll be
right there in your heart.
Now fly away butterfly
as high, as you can go ..
I’m right there with you
more than you know.
Inside our hearts are aching
it never seems to end ..
Your leaving has left a sadness
and a wound that will never mend.
I really don’t know
where to start ..
the day you left
it broke my heart.
not just a crack
it broke in two ..
full of love
just for you.
That love is not gone
its safe inside ..
when you left
my smile died.
I want to remember
the bond we share ..
the pain I’m left with
I’m unable to bare.
I miss you more
and more everyday ..
I love you more
than words can say.
(In Loving Memory Child – Baby)
A tiny bud
Lent not given ..
To bud on earth
And bloom in heaven
You may be out of sight
we may be worlds apart ..
but you are always on our minds
and forever, in our hearts.
Sprinkles of angel dust
flying all around ..
Glistening in your hair
sparkling, on the ground.
Our angels are telling us
not to be sad ..
Angel dust carries memories
of this we must be glad.
So if you see some angel dust
laying on the ground ..
Your loved ones are telling you
of the peace they have found.
There’s always another tomorrow
However hard the day ..
There’s always an end to sorrow
Time wipes our tears away.
There’s always a reason for living
Though sad your heart may be ..
There’s always another horizon
Beyond the one you see.
(In Loving Memory Father Dad)
There’s a bridge of happy memories
From here to heaven above ..
I know we share that bridge Dad
It’s called the Bridge of Love.
I wish I could see you one more time
come walking through the door ..
But I know that is impossible
I will hear your voice no more.
I know you can feel my tears
and you don’t want me to cry ..
Yet my heart is broken
because I can’t understand why
someone so precious, had to die.
I pray that God will give me strength
and somehow get me through ..
As I struggle with this heartache
that came, when I lost you.
When you see a snow white feather
resting on the ground ..
It sure, is a sign
that our angels are around.
Small mementos left behind
are safely tucked away ..
Precious memories that we shared
Are in our hearts to stay.
May The Winds Of Love Blow Softly
And Whisper So You’ll Hear ..
We Will Always Love And Miss You
And Wish That You Were Here.
From mornings first light
too evenings last star ..
Always remember
how special you are.
The gates of memory
will never close ..
we miss you more
than anyone knows.
With tender love
and deep regret ..
We who love you
will never forget.
The hardest thing
in life to bear ..
Is to want our angel
who’s no longer there.
So forgive us lord
if we still weep ..
You took away our angel
we wanted to keep.
Memories are a gift to treasure
ours of you will last forever ..
the pain of losing you will always stay
loved & remembered everyday.

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If memories bring us closer
we are never far apart
for you are always in our thoughts
and forever in our heart
A Special Star So Very Bright
It’s Time For Me To Say Goodnight
So Close Your Eyes And Snuggle Tight
I’m Wishing You Sweet Dreams Tonight
Partings come and hearts are broken,
Loved ones go with words unspoken,
Deep in our hearts there’s a memory kept,
For a husband and father we’ll never forget.
Someday I hope to meet you,
Some day, I know not when,
To clasp your hand in a better land,
Never to part again.
Lonely is my home without you,
Life to me is not the same,
All this world would be like Heaven,
Just to have you back again.
In quiet thoughts I live again,
The days that used to be,
How rich in kindness, love and care,
How dear you were to me.
I’ve lost my life’s companion,
A life linked with my own,
You’re still mine to remember,
A husband proud to own.
Many a tear I’ve shed since I lost you,
Many more will continue to fall,
You took my happiness with you,
The happiest hours of all.
Thus shall I walk with you
And keep the bond that love doth give,
Knowing that remembrance,
though unspoken,
Shall reach you wherever you live.
(In Loving Memory Mother Mom Wife)
You were a wife in a million,
Why did you have to go,
You meant the world to me,
I really loved you so,
If I had one choice today
My choice would not be hard,
I’d wish that I could have you here,
To give you a birthday card.
(In Loving Memory Father Dad)
You often said that we would miss you,
How those words have proved you true.
We lost the one and only Dad,
Dear Dad, when we lost you.
(In Loving Memory Father Dad)
A beautiful memory, dearer than gold,
Of a father whose worth can never be told,
There’s a place in my heart no one can fill,
I miss you, Dad, and always will.
(In Loving Memory Father Dad)
I never ask for miracles,
But today just one would do,
To see the front door open and
See our Dad walk through.
(In Loving Memory Father – Dads Birthday)
We miss his smile, his kindly ways,
With him we spent some happy days;
We’ll miss him when we need a friend,
On him we always could depend.
If only he were here today
Then this to him we could say,
God bless you, Dad, on your birthday.
His nature was loving and giving,
His heart was made of pure gold,
And to us who truly love him,
His memory will never grow old.
(In Loving Memory Father Dad)
I have lost. Heaven has gained, the
most wonderful Dad this world contained,
There’s just one thing makes me glad,
God chose you to be my Dad.
(In Loving Memory Father Dad)
The last time I saw you,
You looked so bright and well,
Little did I know, Dad,
It was our last farewell.
Heavenly Father, hear my prayer,
Guide my Dad with tender care,
Love him in heaven as I did at home,
The dearest father this world could hold.
In dreams I see your smiling face,
And kiss your tender brow,
I then awake and realize,
I have no father now.
(In Loving Memory Father Dad)
Remembering you is easy Dad,
I do it every day,
And missing you is something
That will never go away.
(In Loving Memory Father Dad)
I wish that I could see you Dad,
For just a little while,
I wish that I could hug you and
see your lovely smile,
But wishing gets me nowhere,
And longing is in vain.
So I will hold you in my heart.
Until we meet again.
(In Loving Memory Father Dad)
Thinking of you Dad,
but that is nothing new
I thought about you yesterday,
and the day before that too,
I’ll think about you tomorrow,
and as the years come and go
I’ll think about you forever,
because I loved you so.
(In Loving Memory Father Dad)
You’ve earned your place in heaven Dad,
After all that you’ve been through
I wish I could have helped you
But there was nothing I could do
Peacefully sleeping now out of pain.
I would not wake you up to suffer again.
Fond memories Dad, through the mists of time
It seems so long, since last we met
But happy times are remembered yet.

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