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Birthday Wishes For Son

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It seems with every Birthday

you’re loved a little more,

For making each year brighter

 than the one that came before

You have a way of making

every day a special one,

that’s why you’re wished a

Birthday filled with lots of love

Happy Birthday Dearest Son


Your Birthday brings fond memories

filled with warmth and joy

Happy thoughts of smiles you brought

when you were just a boy

And though the years have changed some things

when all is said and done

You still bring smiles and happiness,

You’re still a Special Son!

Happy Birthday Son


And so this comes with lots of Love to wish you happiness always

We hope your Birthday’s wonderful, the sort that memories are made of,

Because that’s the sort of day that a Son as Special as you deserves

Have a Very Happy Birthday Son, With All Our Love


Looking back through the years,

Son its hard to believe the way so many things have changed,

but you should know that one thing has remained constant through the years,

and that’s the love and pride that comes from having a son like you

this greeting brings warm wishes, especially for you,

because you’re such a special Son in everything you do,

May laughter, love and happiness be in your heart today,

and may you know you’ll always mean much more than words can say

Happy Birthday, Son


(Happy Birthday Son-In-Law)

We’ll probably never win the lottery…

But we sure hit the jackpot when we got you!

Happy Birthday Son-In-Law


A happy life should always be

a voyage of discovery

with new ideas to understand

exciting work that needs your hand

with treasures only you can find

adventures of the heart and mind

and always new worlds to explore

on wisdom’s gold and distant shore


May good health outweigh your ills

and may your pay exceed your bills

May your happiness double twice

and may you always stay so nice!

Happy Birthday, with Love


(Happy Birthday Son-In-Law)

A day that brings you happiness in everything you do-

That’s the wish that’s being sent, especially for you.

Birthday Wishes For A Son-In-Law


(Happy Birthday Son Poems)

To Our Son

We’ve lectured and talked

and given advice…

We’ve worried and watched

and tried to be nice.

We’ve listened and cared

and we’ve understood…

We gave you our love

the best that we could.

So what did we get

for all that we’ve done?

A truly remarkable,

wonderful son!

Happy Birthday

With Love


We didn’t teach you how to be the perfect son.

You taught us how to be the perfect parents.

Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday Son


I never imagined that

my best friend in life

would be my own son.

Cheers to our friendship

on your birthday.

Have A Good One Son


(Funny Birthday Wishes For Son)

I am indebted to you

for teaching me

the art of tolerance.

Happy birthday son.



(Birthday Wishes For Son)

There’s only so much

Words can say

And for that reason, Son

You’ll never know

How dear you are and

How loved by everyone…

But I hope you’ll read

Between the lines

Between these wishes too

And know the love they bring, Son

For your Birthday and for you…

Happy Birthday Son

Love And Happiness Always

(Happy Birthday Son Poems)

A Wonderful Son

It’s natural

on your birthday

to look back and recall

The special happiness

you’ve brought

since you were very small

and though the years

bring changes

there’s one thing

they’ll never do

And that’s to change

the loving pride

in every thought of you

Happy Birthday


(Funny Birthday Wishes For Son)

When you don’t have the money to pay rent

when your bank balance falls low

when your credit card bill overflows

don’t think of us

For all the other times

we are just a phone call away

Happy Birthday Son


(Birthday Wishes For Son)

No matter how many

Birthdays come and go,

You’ll always be my little boy.

Happy Birthday Son


(Birthday Wishes For Son)

Give life your best shot.

It doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail.

Our blessings are always with you.

Happy birthday to the star of our lives.


(Funny Birthday Wishes For Son)

Happy Birthday to our Son

who is great-looking, talented

witty, charming intelligent,

and an all-around

wonderful human being!

You can thank us later

for the good genes


(Happy Birthday Son Poems)

Though you’re a very special son

With fine and thoughtful ways

Somehow it’s all too seldom

That you get your share of praise…

That’s why it’s so important

When your special day is here

To remind you

that you’re loved a lot

And wished the best all year.

Happy Birthday Son


Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Son I Love You - Happy Birthday Son - Birthday Wishes For Son.

(Birthday Wishes For Son)

 Every time we celebrate your birthday,

 we remind ourselves that you are the reason

 growing old has been so easy for us.

 Happy Birthday To Our Darling Son


 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 You’re wished a day of laughter

 and lots of birthday cheer

 with good times you’ll remember

 throughout the coming year

 I Hope you know this comes to you

 with a special loving touch

 that every day the whole year through

 you’re loved so very much

 Happy Birthday Son

 Because You’re Really Someone Special


 (Birthday Wishes For Son)

 Having a son like you

 is reason to be proud

 and thankful

 not just on your birthday

 but always.


 (Birthday Wishes For Son)

 When it comes to sons

 There’s lots of them about

 But you’re the very very best

 Of that, there is no doubt


 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 When they said I have a son

How was I to know

That this little boy

Would set my heart aglow

There’s just this way about him

It’s hard to define

But there’s something great about this boy

And I’m so lucky that he’s mine

I will always cherish him

No matter where he goes

Happy Birthday Son

I just wanted you to know


( Funny Birthday Wishes For Son)

 Here’s hoping that your teenage years  

get over before we even realize.  

Happy Birthday Son 


 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

  A Birthday greeting for a Son

 Who’s dear as dear can be

 With happy wishes that are sent

 In all sincerity

 May you spend a perfect day

 Its memory always stays

 To make your life more wonderful

 Throughout your future days


 Dear Son

 Here’s wishing you today

 A Birthday full of cheer

 With happiness and joy to last

 Throughout the year

 Happy Birthday Son


 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 There are plenty of sons

 Throughout the world

 But I have got to say

 That our son is one of the Best

 In each and every way

 Happy Birthday Son

 Hope you have a Great Day


 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 May all the best, in life my Son

 Enrich your future way

 Adventure and good fortune, too

 Bring joy to you each day


 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 Anyone can have a Birthday

 But someone who’s nice as you

 Deserves the very best of things

 And favorite pleasures, too

 That’s why I wish you just the kind

Of wonderful day, that’s in my mind

 Happy Birthday Son


 You make us so very happy

 We just have to make a fuss

 We are just so fortunate

 That you belong to us

 Happy Birthday Son


 Having a son like you to love

 Is the dearest blessing by far

 You’ll never know what a joy you’ve been,

 What a treasure you always are.

 Happy Birthday Son


 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 I’d Like to be the very first

 To greet you in this way

 To send you countless wishes

 On this most special day

 A day of overwhelming joy

 In everything you do

 For you deserve the nicest things

 The world could offer you

 Happy Birthday Son


 To wish you every happy thing

 That makes a Birthday glad

 So that you’ll feel with all your heart

 It’s been the best you’ve had

 Happy Birthday Son


 Having a son Is spectacular

Having a son Is grand

Having a son

Makes your day brighter

Even when he becomes a man

Happy Birthday Son


(Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 When you were a little lad

All kinds of toys you had

Now you’re not a little boy

And your toys are big and bad

But you still enjoy having fun

So you haven’t changed at all

Remember to keep a part of him

With you at all times

Cause that little lad was

A favorite one of mine

Happy Birthday


 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 And now you live life all grown up

 Each milestone’s brought pride and joy

 May your adventures be happy and many

 Living dreams planned when a boy

 Your birthday is a good time

 For a parent to say to their son

 You mean the world and more

 And have done since life begun.

 With Love Always

 Happy Birthday


 (Birthday Wishes For Son)

 These wishes come with love to say

 hope you really enjoy today.

 Have A Great Birthday Son


 (Birthday Wishes For Son)

 Happy Birthday To A Son

 Who couldn’t be loved more…

 For the little boy you were…

 For the special man you are now…

 And the precious son you will always be…


 Growing Up

 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 Time has gone so swiftly

 years went rushing past.

 My Son you have matured

 and grown up so very fast.

 Let me take time out to say

 just how much you mean.

 I’m thankful for every moment

 and each day that we have seen.

 Lets always make a special time

 and always keep in touch.

 My Son you are the very best

 and I love you so much.

Happy Birthday Son


 Happy Birthday Little One

You’re as bright as the sun

Our days are filled with loving you

It’s so fun watching all you do

Happy Birthday Son

Hope Your Day Is Full Of Fun


 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 Son, we’d really like to say

How much we enjoy

Being your dad and Mom

You’re really a great boy

So on this Birthday Son

May all your dreams come true

Know how much you are loved

And we are so proud of you


(Birthday Wishes For Son)

  Happy birthday

 to a wonderful son

 and a great friend.


 (Birthday Wishes For Son)

 You grow wiser with each passing year.

  A son like you is a gift from God.

 Happy Birthday to a wonderful

 Son and a wonderful young man.


 (Birthday Wishes For Son)

 You’ve been a source

 of pride and happiness

 to us throughout the years.

Happy Birthday

 To The World’s Greatest Son


 Time Together 

 (Happy Birthday Son Poems)

 Time together is special

 to fast for me it seems

 My Son I want you to tell me

 all your thoughts and dreams

 Tell me all that you hope for

 tell me all your plans

 Let me be the help you need

 to grow into a man

 Tell me all your worries

 all your anticipations

 I am always here for you

 for any situation

  I will always be here

 as I have been from the start

 And Son I want to tell you

 I love you, with all my heart


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