Happy Birthday Friends

Birthday Wishes For Friends

Here you will find my collection of Birthday Wishes For A Friends Say Happy Birthday Friend with one of my special Birthday Wishes And Quotes For Friends

birthday wishes for friends - birthday wishes for a friend - happy birthday friend

(Funny Friend Birthday Poems)

I have known you quite a while,

When you talk, you make me smile.

A special Friend I just may keep,

If you buy me, a cool jeep.

It’s your birthday, I near on forgot,

Searched online, bought you squat.

Hope you don’t turn all bitter,

Since you’ve never been a quitter.

I nearly quit, writing this verse,

Mind is blank, it’s a curse.

Soon, your party will be here,

If I wake up, I just may seeya.


(Birthday Wishes For Friends)

Make a wish my precious Friend,

for this day is all yours.

May things that come to an end

always open new doors.

Happy Birthday


A True Friend reaches for your hand

and touches your Heart

birthday wishes for friends

My Friend, May you have…

Enough happiness to keep you sweet.

Enough trials to keep you strong.

Enough sorrow to keep you human.

Enough hope to keep you happy.

Enough failure to keep you humble.

Enough success to keep you eager.

Enough friends to give you comfort.

Enough wealth to meet your needs.

Enough enthusiasm to look forward.

Enough faith to banish depression.

Enough determination to make

each day better than yesterday.

Happy Birthday


(Birthday Wishes For Friends)

Wishing you to have a lovely day

filled with plenty of smiles and laughter.

Many many happy returns of the day

to my sweetheart friend! Love you always.


To have a special Friend like you

so thoughtful and so kind

is something we all hope for

but often hard to find

I know you’re always there for me

on the good days and the bad

and you really are the loveliest

Friend that I’ve ever had


(Birthday Wishes For Friends)

Special Friends are a rare find,

but am I glad that you are one of mine.

Happy Birthday to a friend I’ll never forget.


Live your life to the fullest,

forget about your past and

don’t worry about the future.

Say all is well and

enjoy every moment in your life.


Do you know why I never need to ask for any blessings from God?

That’s because He has given me friends like you.

Happy Birthday To You Dear Friend


(Birthday Wishes For Friends)

Make a wish and give it wings

Dreams of bright and beautiful things

Dance through all the fun filled hours

Don’t forget to smell the flowers

Share some love and birthday cake

All life joys are yours to take

And when evening comes to view

Thank your lucky stars you’re you

Happy Birthday Friend


birthday wishes for friends - birthday wishes for a friend - happy birthday friend

A goof Friend helps you when you fall…

A Best friend laughs in your face

and trips you again.


(Happy Birthday Friend)

It’s hard to find a greeting,

nice enough to send to you,

for you’re so very special

that the usual ones won’t do.

But this one seems just perfect,

for it really makes it clear

that you’re close in thought,

not now and then,

but all throughout the year!


(Birthday Wishes For Friends)

Some say that a birthday is a great time to look back at the past year.

Others say a birthday is a good time to think about what lies ahead.

I say ‘cut the cake’ and let’s eat.


You are a special angel sent from heaven

to travel this earth and be my friend.

Hope you enjoy the journey and live a long life

full of fun and laughter. Happy Birthday!


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