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Wonderful collection of Happy Birthday Daughter Greetings. Quotes, Poems and Birthday Messages, for your Daughters or Daughter In Law. You will also find some wonderful Father to Daughter and Mother to Daughter Greetings and Messages to write in your Daughters Birthday Cards

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Happy Birthday Cards Daughter

(Birthday Wishes For A Daughter)

Diamonds shine but daughters like you glow.

Here’s a loving birthday wish for the daughter

who lights up our lives day after day.

Happy Birthday


(Birthday Poem For A Daughter)

With Love Daughter On Your Very Special Day

You are very special and

that is how your day should be,

one that is filled with all the things

that suit you perfectly,

So Daughter have a very happy day

and remember when it is through,

the same warm thoughts and lots of love

are always there with you.


(Birthday Wishes For Daughter)

For A Dear Daughter

Here’s a wish for happiness

And many dreams come true

Not only on your special day

But always, all life through


(Happy Birthday Daughter)

Only a daughter who’s great

Only a daughter will lend you a shirt

Help you get moved, share a dessert

Not say a word unless asked for advice

Only a daughter who’s nice

Only a daughter will cover your butt

Stand up for your rights, tell you what’s what

Offer a thoughtful and smart point of view

Be the one person who keeps coming through

Someone you just gotta love…and we do!

Only a daughter like you


(Happy Birthday Daughter)

You are so special it’s easy to see.

Daughter of mine, you are special to me.

On this day so long ago, you were so very small.

The years have passed and I want you to know,

you are still, my dearest of all.

Happy Birthday With All My Love.


(Birthday Wishes For Daughter)

You really are a Daughter

Who fills our home with cheer.

And you grow more beautiful

With each and every year.

We’re lucky you’re our Daughter

And we hope you’ll always know.

That we love you and we’re proud of you

As your Birthdays come and go.

With love on your Birthday


(Birthday Wishes For Daughter)

To my lovely daughter

I just have this to say

Have a very happy birthday

On this your special day

At times you drive me crazy

It’s like living in a zoo

You’re a lazy, untidy so and so


Happy Birthday Dear Daughter


We look at you and catch our breath

Your grow more beautiful each year

And ever since you were born

There has been nothing more dear.

You fulfill our every dream

And make us so very proud

Daughter you are simply the best

And stand out in a crowd

Everyday we thank the Heavens

We could never ask for more

Happy Birthday Daughter

Whom we simply adore.


(Birthday Poem For A Daughter)

Blessed with a wonderful daughter,

With a kind and generous heart

Who thinks of others before herself,

She is truly a work of art.

But today is very special,

Dear daughter it’s just for you,

So we’re wishing you a wonderful birthday,

Because that’s exactly what you’re due.


A Daughter is so precious

loving and special too,

And today is a magical time

and your wishes all come true.

So blow out the candles on your cake

and tightly close your eyes

it’s time to make a wish

for that birthday surprise.

Happy Birthday

Dear Daughter


(Birthday Poem For A Daughter)

The Angels are all smiling

Down from Heaven today

For you were lovingly born

Many years ago this day.

We were so very very proud

Even the doctors and nurses knew

That you were loving and giving

And the years this was proven true.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful daughter

You deserve all your wishes to come true

And all the joy that you can hold

Birthday Hugs and Kisses

Just For You

Our Beautiful Daughter


(Birthday Poem For A Daughter)

Dear Daughter we could not forget

That today’s your special day

So we’re sending our Best Wishes

That it’s perfect in every way.

We wish for you pleasures you like

And the things you love to do

And because it is your special day

That all your dreams come true.


(Birthday Wishes For Daughter)

Precious Daughter

To our very precious daughter

on her very special day

You mean so much to us both

In each and every way.

The love and care you give to others

We send your way today

For in our hearts we are so proud

Of you everyday.


(Happy Birthday Daughter)

I’m blessed with an angel

Like heaven might send

And I call her My Daughter

and very best friend

Have a lovely Birthday


(Happy Birthday Daughter)

Side by side

Or miles apart

A daughter like you

Is always close to the heart


(Birthday Poem For A Daughter)

To think of all the happiness

That you have treasured and known

Of all the warm and happy smiles

And thoughtfulness you’ve shown

So when you think of us dear Daughter

As we know you often do

Just remember that we are

Always thinking of You.


(Birthday Poem For A Daughter)

When you were born, so happy were we

The best of all our days

A beautiful baby Daughter

To love and cherish always

And now that you are all grown up

Your presence lights up our days

You have made our lives complete

With your kind and loving ways


(Birthday Wishes For Daughter)

My Daughter you are a beautiful human being

With emotions, goals, love, humor, ambition and endeavor

I want you to know that no matter what you do, think or say

You can depend on my support and love forever.

Happy Birthday, darling


(Birthday Poem For A Daughter)

Your Birthday is a blessing

as you mean so very much,

It is a chance to thank you

for your very special, loving touch.

It is the perfect time to tell you

that now, and all life through

There will never be a Daughter

who is loved as much as you.

With Love For A Wonderful Birthday


(Happy Birthday Daughter)

Blessed was the day you entered the World

We were as proud as it’s possible to be

A beautiful daughter that we so desired

We wanted the whole World to see

Happy Birthday Darling


(Birthday Poem For A Daughter)

We’re sending loving thoughts your way

On this, your very special day.

These years have fast flown by

As in the twinkling of an eye.

In you, we have been blessed to see

a daughter who has grown to be

someone who has made us proud,

so we just want to say out loud,

with all our love and wishes too

Happy Birthday and good luck to you.


(Happy Birthday Daughter)

May this birthday be all that you wish

And may the year ahead in store

Bring every joy and happiness

And all you’re hoping for


(Funny – Birthday Wishes For Daughter)

Happy birthday to our Daughter dear

Whose behaviors often very queer?

She’s never, ever quite alone

It seems she’s attached to her phone

Happy Birthday

Hope your birthday is lots of fun!

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