Happy Birthday Brother

Happy Birthday Brother Wishes Messages

Take a look at my fantastic collection of Happy birthday Brother wishes, short poems, verses and messages to write in your big or little Brothers Birthday card.


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How Wonderful It Is To Have
A Brother Just Like You.

Hope your Birthday brings you
every joy, you have in mind
For Brother you will always be
the loved and special kind.

Happy Birthday


It’s great to see how you’ve GROWN UP
over the years and mastered the
art of conducting yourself
like a MATURE ADULT in company…

STRONG, yet still caring
WISE, yet still learning
SENSIBLE, yet still smiling

Have a great day!
Brother, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To The Best Brother Ever.jpg

Though we may argue and fight
at times I’m wrong and you’re right
Sometimes we annoy each other
but that’s just the fun, of having a Brother.

Just know that you are a great guy
amazing at times, I won’t deny
At times I may look like I don’t care
but remember Bro, I’ll always be there.

You are really special Brother
simply the best and like no other.

Happy Birthday, I Love You.


I searched and searched forever
for clever words to say
I know that they are there
for I feel them everyday.

But today I’m having trouble
for now they will not flow
With any clever lines
my mind won’t even go.

Perhaps the words I need
are not within my mind
For in my heart I know
the words there, I will find.

Excessive words right now
will never, ever do
For what I really want to say
is Brother I Love You.

Happy Birthday


My Brother In Heaven – Birthday

Your Birthday should be a happy day
full of laughter, fun and presents
You Birthday should be joyful
not something I resent.

Your Birthday is a sad day
tears, they always fall.
Your Birthday is of memories
of days, I can recall.

Now you are with the angels
full of laughter and love
Now you are with our Lord
smiling down from above.

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Brother

Happy Birthday Brother Card

Because it is your birthday Bro
and I love you, a whole lot
I thought I would go shopping
for a car, boat or a yacht.

But when I started looking
It was, just far too hard
So I’m sure you’ll understand
why I just got you this card!


A Brothers Birthday is special
and with you, as mine, I’m blessed
When God created Brothers
He gave me, the very best.

And though I tell you often Bro
Just how much you are worth
I plan to tell you every year
’cause you’re the best on earth.

Happy Birthday, I Love You


Happy Birthday Brother-In-Law

You’ve got it all…

Wit, Charm, Good Looks
and most importantly
A Great Sense Of Humor….

Well you need to have a sense of humor
to be married to my sister!


Ever noticed how in every FAMILY, there’s
USUALLY one person, who’s shockingly NORMAL…

WE should GET ourselves ONE of THOSE!


Happy Birthday Brother.jpg

You Were Born My Brother

We have spent a lifetime
getting to know each other
and building a relationship
that we will share forever.

You are so important to me
and having you in my life means
more than I could ever tell you.

The gratefulness that I feel
deep down in my heart
for you being my brother
is a huge part of me.

I am so blessed to have you there
to help me and to encourage me.
I Love You, Happy Birthday


A brother is someone
with fun-loving ways
with wit and good humor
to spare.

He does thoughtful things
without any fuss
and when you’re in trouble
he’s there.

A brother is more
than just part of the family
he’s also a friend
through and through.

And that’s a description
that certainly fits
a wonderful brother like you.


Brother…There is just one thing that stops you from
being the COOLEST PERSON in our Family….


It means so much to me to
have you for my Brother…

Not only because of all the happy
childhood memories we share
But also because of the good times we
still have, whenever we’re together.

Happy Birthday Bro


Brother! You’re so Clever, Witty and Popular…
You can tell that we are RELATED!


Take a break, have a rest
put your feet up for a while
Or go out and party
and celebrate in style.

It is hoped your Birthday turns out
just how you want it to
And that it will be wonderful
in every way for you.


Boozing makes you feel alright
but listen to my warning…
for every beer you drink tonight
you’ll feel twice as bad
in the morning..

Happy Birthday Brother Cards

Happy Birthday Brother

A day of warm emotion
should provide some happy smiles
For a very special brother
who’s the very best by miles.

So have a super day
at least as good, as any other
You really do deserve it
you are one fantastic Brother.


To A Very Dear Brother

These greetings are sent
And the wishes they bring
Are each lovingly meant
For good luck and pleasure
In all that you do
And more Birthday gladness
Than you ever knew.


It seems with every Birthday
you’re loved a little more,
For making each year brighter
than the one that came before.

You have a way of making
each day a special one,
that’s why you’re wished a Birthday
filled with lots of love and fun.

My Dear Brother, Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday My Dear Brother

A Brother holds a special place that
no one else can fill
He cares and he understands in ways
that only brothers will.

He shares the joy of good times
but he is there through hard times, too
A Brother holds a special place
especially when he is you!

Thank You For Always Being There For Me

Brother Birthday Wishes

I’m so lucky to have you
as my Brother
If I had to choose one
I’d choose no other.

When I need help
you’re there for me
A better brother
you couldn’t be.

The bond we share
will always be strong
In my eyes Brother
you can do no wrong.

Wishing You Wonderful Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday To A Special Brother

A Brother is thought of
with love and with pride
and memories of him
are cherished inside

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