Daughter Poems P6

Daughter Poems P6

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(Mother And Daughter Poems)

My Daughter

  How much you mean to me

It may never really show.

A mother’s love’s so boundless

you’ll never really know.

I love to sit and gaze at you

I smile because I see.

Little snippets showing through

of how you belong to me.

I’d never change a thing about you

in my eyes you are divine.

Even when your at your worst,

I’m so proud that you’re mine.


(Mother Daughter Poems)

Words For My Daughter

Though you’re dancing to a different tune,

I do not love you any less,

How could I forsake my child,

Through whom I’ve been so blessed.

I don’t pretend to understand,

The things I wish I could,

Did I do something very wrong,

Or not do what I should?

Counselors say don’t blame yourself,

And they are right, of course,

But I search for answers everywhere,

I want to know the source

Then in my deepest contemplation

Enlightenment occurs,

It’s not about myself at all,

The struggle is really yours

I don’t need to understand,

And I guess I shouldn’t probe,

Reasons will not solve a thing,

Or make you choose another road

My job is to support and love,

And that’s something I can do,

A mother’s love can’t be undone,

It’s unconditional and true

Most of all, I want you happy,

Which once was such an easy thing,

But now you must find it on your own,

And reap whatever it will bring

Baby, if your heart gets broken,

Because your choice is wrong,

I’ll be there to help you mend it,

Just as I have been, all along

Guilt, I’ll not lay on you,

I will abide by your decision,

And I’ll respect the choice you make,

Without any opposition

With all my heart, I love you, honey,

I’ll never leave you all alone,

Even when the Lord sees fit,

To take your poor old mother home

So smile, baby, life’s hard enough,

Grab whatever joy you can,

And always know your mama loves you,

Though she may never understand

By – Virginia (Ginny) Ellis


(Father Daughter Poems)

A Daughter

My daughter is a treasure,

a blessing from above.

She’s laughter, warmth, and special charm,

she’s beauty, and she’s love.

My daughter brings a special joy

that comes from deep inside,

as she grows into womanhood,

she fills my heart with pride.

With every year that passes,

she’s more special than before,

through every stage, through every age,

you love her even more.

No words can describe the warm memories,

the pride and gratitude too,

that come from having a daughter to love,

and to cherish as I do.


(Father Daughter Poems)

My Daughter

I’ve always been so happy,

and way beyond just glad,

to have you as a daughter

in life to call me dad.

Let me tell you one thing,

hard for me to express.

From a father to a daughter

whose love for you is endless.

I’ll do everything in my power,

to keep you safe and protected.

It doesn’t matter how old you get

we’ll always be connected.

The years will pass as they do

but my love will not decline.

Forever I’ll be here for you

sweetest daughter of mine.


(Daughter Poems)

Our Daughter

  You are our daughter; 

we love you so much,

from the day of your birth

from the very first touch.

You came into our lives,

a gift from above,

so small and precious,

and larger than  love.

We wish you a life

full of love and joy,

with dreams fulfilled

and things you enjoy.

May you paint your life

with colorful art.

Full of good memories

to hold in your heart.


(Father Daughter Poems)

(Mother Daughter Poems)

For My Daughter

 I don’t know what I did

but I thank the Lord above

that he’s given me the gift of you

to share our special love.

Like a favorite blanket on a chilly night

or when I’m feeling blue.

Your love wraps itself around me

like a special hug from you.

I love having a daughter like you

and I know this much is true.

Of all who could have stole my heart

I’m so happy it was you.


(Mother Daughter Poems)

To My Daughter

Your Smile brightens my day

Your kisses melt my heart

I have been wrapped around

your tiny little finger

from the very start

The very first time

that I saw you

you were still growing

in my womb

But at that very moment

right then and there I knew

I could never love another

with the Love I have for you

You are my first born child

In my heart

a special place you hold

You will always be my baby

even when you have grown

and are ready to start a family

with children of your own

When that day comes

my precious child

you will understand

why I will always love you


till the very end.


(Mother Daughter Poems)

Mother To Daughter


I told my daughter,

“Don’t waste

the years ahead…

Don’t look back

when you’re 50

with regret…”

“There’s no

worse thing

than a wasted life,”

I said.

As we sat in my car

and watched the traffic

in the rain…

Now, here I sit,


In a darkened room…

The light of the TV

flickering upon the walls…

The words I told her,


in the rain,

Echoing with

the truth of age:

“There’s no worse thing

Than a wasted life…”


(Mother Daughter Poems)

As I Watch You Grow

Do you know how much you mean to me?

As you grow into what you will be.

You came from within,

from just beneath my heart

it’s there you’ll always be though

your own life will now start.

You’re growing so fast

it sends me a whirl,

With misty eyes I ask,

Where’s my little girl?

I know sometimes to you

I seem harsh and so unfair,

But one day you will see,

I taught you well because I care.

The next few years will so quickly fly,


(Mother Daughter Poems)

Darling Daughters

You left an empty space in our house today

When you left to go out on your own

The empty bedroom and quietness stay

As I continue my routine alone.

 I’m lonely now, but the void will lessen

As the days go by, and they will,

But my comfort is knowing your ability

To stay on the right road, God’s will.

 You’re well equipped for the life ahead

You’re both strong in soul and mind;

I know you’ll make your way alone

And your life will turn out just fine.

 But if ever you find as you go along

The road of life’s joys and trials

You need an hour with me, or two,

You can come to me over the miles.

 I’ll try not to boss or give you advice

Heaven knows I’ve done that enough

But still feel free to come to me

If ever the going gets rough.

 Have fun in your life as you go along

Work as you must, but with a song

A mother couldn’t have two girls so fine

God bless you, darling daughters of mine.


(Daughter Poem)

To My Daughter

 Oh little girl why is it so very

hard for you to see

Things I have always wanted

are for you not me

 For you to have only all

the good things in life

To be a true success

as a mother and a wife.

 To have all the good things

life sends your way

No heart filled pain and

suffering for this I pray

 To stay true to yourself in mind ,

spirit and heart

The things I hoped for you

from the very start

 Your now a young woman

in both body and mind

God has truly blessed you

with a heart so very kind

 Trying so hard to be the best

in everything that you do

Quite often leaves you less

then satisfied and feeling blue

 Giving things to those you love go

unappreciated as if they don’t care

Leaves you sad, unfulfilled

with your heart filled with despair

 Many times you rush in to be

helpful and be the saving grace

Only to find it was neither the right thing

for you nor your place

 Perhaps you just cared about the person ,

situation or the cause

Not taking a deep cleansing breath

or perhaps a long extended pause

 There are always many roads

that may be present to be taken

Time is your friend don’t let

circumstances make you hasten

 God loves you and put parents on earth

to lend a helping hand

When things seem more then

you think you can stand

 Close your eyes and ask God is

what I am doing the right thing

You will be surprised how much

joy this will surely bring

 Learning as you surely will

through the many years

Although something may bring you

considerable fear

 It will be solved in as quickly as

one two three

Just take the time to stop

and think you will see

 Problems will defiantly

work themselves out

The one thing you cannot do

is stop and pout

 God is not only loving

but has a sense of humor

At least quite often

I have heard this rumor

 God does answer all of your prayers

in his own way

Just be aware and make sure you

can hear him say

 I love you my child and

want for you the very best

Tonight close your eyes

and get some needed rest

 Tomorrow is a new day

I have given you

Don’t start it off by

being sad and blue

 So often it is clear my

ever so sweet child

Time runs out for everyone

in a while

 You will then be met by

sadness and regret

All the time on turmoil

and strife that you spent

 Instead of seeing that

your family loves you

The time you lost feeling sad

if you only knew

 Once today is all but

history past

Tomorrow is not promised

so don’t move so fast

 Today is ours to have be happy

and make it last


(Daughter Poem)

Carry On

Carry on through the darkest of shadows

Dream of things that no one else knows

Be a light to those who have lost their way

Wade through  darkness, bring a new day

Carry on through the deepest night

Dream of things, both dark and light

Be the one that gives them all hope

Wade through darkness, help them all cope

Carry on no matter who seeks your failing

Dream of things, of the one you’re hailing

Be the one to let them all know

Wade through darkness, from above & below

Carry on, so that they can go on as well

Dream of things beautiful, things to tell

Be the one to let them all see

Wade through darkness, show them what to be

Carry on, even when you cannot find your mind

Dream of the ones to help, and you they will find

Be the one that leans, but to be the rock too

Wade through the darkness, show them all they can do

Carry on my daughter, even when you lose all your hope

Dream & remember of those here to help you cope.

Be and do all that you were destined to be and achieve

Wade through the darkness, never forget to believe


(Daughter Poem)

To My Daughter

No matter where you go

I’ll always stand beside you

helping you find your way

in everything you do.


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