Daughter Poems P3

Daughter Poems P3

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(Daughter Birthday Poems)

Daughters like you
Are precious and few ..
I just can’t help but feel lucky
that I have you.


(Daughter Birthday Poems)
Daughters Birthday

Your birthday seems the perfect time
To say a word or few ..
About how nice it is to have
A daughter just as you.

It also is the perfect chance
To send this wish your way ..
For all life’s best and finest things
Today and everyday.


(Poem For My Daughter)
Only A Daughter Would

Only a daughter knows
just what you mean ..
She couldn’t care less
if your house isn’t clean.

She’ll keep all your secrets
including your weight ..
She knows all about you
and still think you’re great.

Only a daughter
is the one that knows ..
She’ll put on your makeup
and lend you her clothes.

She’ll say not a word
unless asked for advice ..
She’ll help you to cover
that real right price.

For only a daughter
will cover your butt ..
Stand up for your rights
tell you what’s what.

Offer a thoughtful
and wise point of view ..
Be the one person
who always comes through.

Wonderful daughters ..
that’s what they do
A wonderful daughter
none other but .. YOU ..


(Mother And Daughter Poems)
Mothers And Daughters

Mothers and Daughters
share a special bond ..
that grows in strength
as time passes on.

It’s somewhat unspoken
unseen, but real ..
A bonding connection
that they feel.

As a mother and daughter
continue life through ..
This bond never falters
and stays strong and true.

This loving bond that
no mortal can part ..
Is a union by birth
and forever by heart.


(Daughter Birthday Poems)
A Daughter Is

A daughter is special
A daughter is dear
A precious gift from above ..
A daughter is a treasured gift
To forever, hold near
and love.


A Special Gift

A child is a special gift
Given to us to love ..
God sends them down from heaven
For families to love.


(Daughter Birthday Poems)
Daughters Are A Treasure

A daughter brings sunshine
to brighten our days.
A daughter brings joy
through her loving ways.
A daughter’s a blessing
that comes from above.
A special and beautiful
treasure to love.


(Daughter Poems)
Why God Made Girls

God made the earth
with towering trees ..
Magnificent mountains
and raging seas.

Then paused and said
it’s missing something ..
Someone to laugh
dance and sing.

To walk in the meadows
and gather the flowers ..
To be one with nature
throughout the quiet hours.

So God made little girls
with glittering eyes ..
With joyful hearts
and minds so wise.

Enchanting smiles
and feminine fun ..
And then he exclaimed
my job, now is done.


(Mother Daughter Poems)
Daughters To Mothers

My beautiful daughter
you will never know ..
How much my heart breaks
as I watch you grow.

In time you’ll become
independent and free ..
But always my daughter
and special to me.

As your years go by
you will grow to see ..
Through eyes of your mother
reflections of me.

Past, present and future
will all inter wind ..
My mother, your mother
all daughters you’ll find.

Our reflections represent
mirrored lives we share ..
Always a daughter
your mother, who’s there.


(Mother Daughter Poems)
How Much You Mean To Me

You’ll never really know
just what much you mean to me ..
A mother loves so deeply
only the heart can see.

I’d never change a thing in you
I thank God that you’re so fine ..
Even when you misbehave
I’m so proud that you’re mine.

I’m certainly not perfect
but I’m the best that I can be ..
And everyday, I thank above
the god gave you to me.

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