Daughter Poems

Daughter Poems

Daughter Poems – Mother Daughter Poems or Father Daughter Poems. I have often been at my wits end, searching for poems for my daughter. A Daughter poem, how hard could this be to write a Poem To My Daughter? A Poem For My Daughter should not be this difficult. Daughter Poems are definitely not an easy task to tackle. So, you have arrived here because you searched frantically for daughter poems, Mother And Daughter Poems or Father Daughter Poems. Well you are in luck as I have the best daughter poems on the net. Whether it be a Daughter Birthday Poem, daughter card or daughter poems for other occasions, I have all the daughter poems you will ever need.

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(Daughter Poems)
My Daughter A Wingless Angel
An angel sent from heaven.
For me she left her wings.
I wonder if she knows how
much joy to me she brings.
She illuminates all my days,
with her charm and smile.
She helps me gain perception,
on only things worthwhile.
Her flawless face, lights up a room,
she’s so gentle, soft and sweet.
Delicate and delightful,
the nicest girl you’ll meet.
She tries her very best to,
always do what’s right.
Her caring gentle nature,
to watch is a delight.
When she sees someone suffering,
she goes straight to their aide
She will do all she can to help,
that’s just how she was made.
She makes me proud in all she does,
so much happiness she brings.
She’s my daughter, she’s my angel,
sent to earth without her wings.
(Mother Daughter Poems)
My Girl
She’s the air that I breathe.
She’s the beat in my heart.
She’s the tear in my eyes
when we’re apart.
She’s the pride that I feel,
with all she achieves.
I’m the one who gives hope,
in what she believes.
She’s a part of my body,
but now she’s all grown.
as she waves me goodbye,
to find a life of her own.
My beautiful girl,
you’ve grown up so fine.
You make me so proud,
to know that you’re mine.
(Daughter Poems)
My Little Girl
My Daughter means the world to me!
a big wide world for her to see!
She grows a little more each day.
I’ll be here always, to guide her way.
She blooms and grows like a flower,
Little by little, hour by hour.
One day I’ll look and she’ll be grown,
and start a life out on her own.
But for the time, she’s with me now.
so I can teach and show here how.
(Daughter Poem)
I’ll Always Be There For You
I watched your birth
I watched you crawl
I watched you walk
I’ve seen it all.
Your first words,
your first school day
Your first running race
and games you play.
Your first tooth fall out
your first dance.
Your first heartbreak.
your first romance.
No Matter when
No matter where.
Your first or last,
I’ll be there.
(Daughter Poems)
A Gift From The Gods
The first time that I saw you,
I could not believe,
How could this beautiful baby girl
just belong to me.
I must of done something good
for this child must certainly be.
An angel sent from the heavens
are you sure she is for me?
So perfect in every way,
from her head down to her toes.
perfect lips, flawless skin,
and a button for a nose.
The joy throughout the years,
the good times and the bad.
were the best years of my life,
the best I’ve ever had.
(Mother Daughter Poems)
The Reason Why
A daughter comes into your life
a gift of love and joy.
She’s come to show you reasons
that you didn’t get a boy.
She knew that you needed her
and said, let it be me you send.
See my momma needs me on earth,
so I can be her friend.
She needs me there for comfort
whilst here my work is done.
She need me there to teach her
that her life can be fun.
My momma needs to feel love
so please let me go down there.
So she can dress me pretty and
tie and brush my hair.
So god sent my a baby girl
to love and enjoy.
that’s the reason you were sent
and not a little boy.
(Father Daughter Poems)
Always Be My Little Girl
You’ll always be my little girl,
no matter what path you take.
I often want to help you in
decisions that you make,
Then I think silently to myself,
you have to let her grow.
She’s not a little girl no more
and she’s trying to let me know.
So I’ll hold her very gently,
so she can’t feel my grip,
But in my heart you’ll always be,
just in case you slip.
I will always be here
be, near or far apart.
as a mothers love for her girl,
she carries in her heart.
(Mother And Daughter Poems)
I Can’t Let Go
I want to protect you,
but I want you to fly.
I want to let go,
but I want to cry.
I want you to explore,
to enjoy your life.
I want you to become
a mother and wife.
But it’s hard for a mom
to let go of this hand.
and let her be free
to explore this land.
I want you to be
all that you can.
I want you to find
the love of a man.
I want to let go
I know that I should.
but I don’t think I can,
but I would if I could.

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