Sympathy Messages P8

Condolences Sympathy Messages P8

What To Write In A Sympathy Card

Sympathy Messages– Obituary Poems Verses

I have learned with profound regret of the death of

your _____ I condole with you most sincerely on

the sad event, and, if sympathy of friends can be

any consolation under these trying circumstances,

be assured that all who knew him/her share in your

sorrow for his/her loss. There is, however, a higher

source of consolation than earthly friendship,

and, commending you to that, I remain.


 I know that this letter will find you filled with

sorrow and grief at the loss of your dear ________.

You have, indeed, suffered a great affliction.

A more faithful partner never lived, and few men/women,

I chance to say, ever enjoyed more marriage

tranquility than yourself.


Though the days are dark now,

spring will come once more.

Thus, I trust, pleasant days will

l come again for you and yours.


I have learned, with sorrow,

of the death of your ______.

Though I never knew her/him

personally, I knew her/him

so well through you that it seems

as if I, myself, had lost a

very near and intimate friend.

I recollect her/him from that

sweet face and gentleness of

manner, as I saw her/him once

in your company, that impressed

me with the belief that she/he

was one of the angelic ones of earth.


I realize that this letter will find you entombed

in the deepest sorrow at the loss of  ________,

and that words of mine will be entirely inadequate

to ease your overwhelming grief; yet I feel that I

must write a few words to assure you that I am

thinking of you and praying for you.


I regret to hear of your sudden

and unexpected loss of you loved

so dear, and offer you, not only

my deepest  sympathies, but aid

in whatever way I can help you.


Being close to such a nice person as your dad/mom

was a pleasure, he/she always supported you in all

that you ever wanted too and I am sure, than now

even though he/she is not here, he/she

will be looking at you from heaven and

will continue doing the same.


I never had an opportunity to know

your mother/father as closely as I wanted

to but I am sure that he/she was great

and may her/his soul rest in peace.


It was a pleasure to know your mom/dad, as I had

never seen a woman/man like her/him before;

she/he had a special charm in her/his eyes &

smile on her/his face. Her/His presence is

irreplaceable. May god gives you & your

family the strength to overcome your grief.


 We will all  miss _________ she/he has

touched so many people in her/his life

and her/his loss will be felt by all.

We wanted to let you know that you

have our deepest sympathy, and

our hearts are truly saddened.


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