A Loving Tribute – By Beth Kosticak

A Loving Tribute
(Memorial Poems)

She is the light
in my children’s eyes ..
She is the star
in the nighttime skies.

She is the rainbow
after a long rainy day ..
She is the sunshine
lighting the way.

She is the warmth of the
bright summer sun ..
She is the laughter
of kids having fun.

She is the melody
of my favorite tune ..
She is the sweet smell
of roses in bloom.

She is the one
we all miss so much ..
Her smile, her kindness
her loving touch.

She is the angel
looking down from above ..
Who is blessing us still
with happiness and love.

She wanted no sadness
to shed not a tear ..
Just never forget
she will always be near.

Though she is gone
her memory imparts ..
A feeling of love
in all of our hearts

By Beth Kosticak