In Loving Memory Cards | Each night we shed a silent tear, As we speak to you in prayer

Each night we shed a silent tear, as we speak to you in prayer, to let you know we love you, and just how much we care. We take a million teardrops, and wrap them up in love, then ask the wind to carry them, to you in Heaven above. – Grief Loss Facebook

In Loving Memory Poem Cards

In Loving Memory Cards | We are not, ever alone, Though we may feel we are

We are not, ever alone, though we may feel we are, even in our darkest hour, they are, never that far. For in that distant land above, our spirit friends reside and when you think you’re all alone hey’re right there by your side  For we all have a link of love. That’s placed within each heart. This energy connects us all, Unseen, but not apart. Each link, makes up a chain, Of family near and far. With veiled energy networks, That always know where you are – Grief Loss Facebook

We are not, ever alone Though we may feel we are Even in our darkest hour They are, never that far - In Loving Memory Poems -

Love Me Enough To Let Me Go | Child Remembrance Poems

Love Me Enough To Let Me Go
(Child Remembrance Poems)

Your hearts are breaking
I know, I can tell ..
Because you’re my parents
and I know you so well.

As hard as this is there’s
something I need to say ..
I don’t want to linger
please don’t beg me to stay.

My work is done
on earth, here for me ..
Free me from this body
where I will be pain free

Living with God
is my ultimate goal ..
By taking me home
He is making me whole.

The only thing holding
me back, Mom and Dad ..
Is thinking of you
and the good times we had.

You fought for me
when no one else could ..
Refused to give up, when
others told you you should.

You packed a lifetime of love
in my short years ..
Gave me strength to handle
all of my fears.

Showered me with courage
you said, “It’s a loan” ..
While secretly hiding
tears of your own.

You’ve done everything I needed
I couldn’t ask for much more ..
Please love me enough
to help me through that door.

I know you are sad
and it doesn’t seem fair ..
But the time has come
to put me in God’s care.

Since I started the job
I was sent here to do ..
And planted a seed
now residing in you.

I’m sure I can trust
you, to carry my load ..
Please love me enough
.. enough to let go.

Step Dad Poems Step Fathers | Step Dads Are Real Dads

Step Dads Are Real Dads
(Step Dad Poems – Step Fathers)

You were not there when I was born
and you didn’t get to see ..
First screams, first steps
first words of mine
the beginning part of me.

You missed a lot of milestones
birthdays, school, and such ..
But as for what’s important
you didn’t miss that much.

You came into our lives when
when I was confused and sad ..
It took a while to adjust
but you soon became my dad.

It couldn’t have been easy
teens just never are ..
We got home late
and caused you grief
we pushed you way too far.

We never thought you’d stick around
certainly, you didn’t have to ..
If our own father couldn’t do it
we thought, then why would you?

It may have taken quite a while
for us to get things right ..
But in the end wed did it
much to my delight.

My REAL dad, yes you are,
biological or not ..
For all the things that make a dad
are all the things you’ve got!

Though these words cannot explain
all that we’ve been through ..
But I want you to know
that with all my heart
Dad, I love you!